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MMJ T-Breaks and No Help from the Doctor

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by surfajl77, Jan 19, 2023.

  1. I'm hoping I'm not violating anything in this post. I'm trying to be very careful with what I say, as Reddit seems to dislike any mention of the word "doctor" on an MMJ forum.

    I’m a 40 year-old male and I live in Phoenix, AZ. I smoke a joint almost every night and have been doing so for the last couple of years. What was once an occasional weekend treat has become part of my nightly routine. It’s my nightcap. It helps me sleep. It calms me down. It makes my anxiety melt away. It makes me happy. I love experimenting with different strains and potencies. I treat my joints almost like one might treat a cigar. I have a medical card in AZ and when I say I use it for medicinal purposes, I truly am using it for medicinal purposes. It’s my sleep aid and guess what? It works amazingly well. As someone that has battled on and off issues with insomnia ever since he was a little boy, weed has been a godsend.

    Now, as with any drug, the more you partake, the less impactful it will be. I know my body well enough to know when it’s time to go on a tolerance break. While I’ve abstained from smoking for a few days here or there over the last two years, I’ve never took what I would say is a full tolerance break of 21 days. I decided in January that it was time and am currently on Day 14/21. I have one more week left.

    I'm sure you pros already know what what I'm probably going through. Insomnia. The first few nights, I was always able to get a few restless hours of sleep. However, over the past three nights, I’ve gotten very little sleep and have tried everything that I had available to help aid in this. I already know all of the tricks to beat traditional insomnia, so there’s no need to education me on that. But this is THC withdrawal insomnia, which is a little different.

    Do you know what does work? Anti-anxiety medicine - which is something that doctors in Arizona seem to absolutely hate prescribing. Even after proving them that a single prescription can last me TWO YEARS by only taking it during what I see as real anxiety emergencies, they still resist prescribing it and instead try to push antidepressants on me, which I have no interest in taking.

    A few years ago, I was honest with my doctor and revealed to him that I was experimenting with MMJ for sleep. I guess I figured that it would be accepted by all doctors since it was prescribed well . . . by a doctor. He said he was happy it works for me, but claimed that because I am using it, he will no longer be prescribing me anything for sleep or anxiety. His mentality was: “Okay…so if weed is the answer, then you don’t need anything else.” I regret ever telling him. His whole attitude towards me changed after that.

    When I switched doctor’s a few years ago, I kept my mouth shut, but recently had to come clean after the last three nights really took a physical toll on me. Over the past three days I’ve had maybe three hours of poor sleep and decided to call into work, make an appointment, and be honest with the doctor about what was happening. I’m only looking for something to help me ge through these next seven days. Although I can't say I'm surprised, this lady clearly did not want to fulfill my request, despite me continuously telling her that these anti-anxiety prescriptions typically last me two years. My prescription history proves this. Nope. She just kept trying to push anti-depressants on me and I kept getting agitated, telling her: Look, I cannot be playing trial and error with medications right now. I need to sleep and I need to get through these next seven days. I know what will help. If I request a refill next month, six months, or even a year from now, just deny it!

    After I became increasingly agitated with her dismissive attitude, as well as what I could clearly tell was a negative stigma associated with my MMJ use, she did begrudgingly caved and prescribe me a total of seven pills (since I have seven days left). while continuously reminding me that I will not be allowed any refills (which I told her I probably wouldn’t need anyway for like two years). She then just rudely walked out of the room and appeared quite pissed.

    Honestly, I felt so disrespected during my visit, that I will be finding another doctor. Hopefully, one that’s a bit more liberal and accepting of how others might cope with their sleep and anxiety issues.

    One thing that I’ve learned during this tolerance break is that when I have to do this again, which I’m hoping won’t be for a year or even two, that I have something on hand to help combat these effects. Either sleep medication or anti-anxiety medication. I just don’t understand why doctors are so afraid to prescribe these. Are they afraid they’re going to go to jail? Are they afraid I’m putting on a front and am actually a pill popper? Or are they just passive aggressively punishing me because they all hate marijuana?
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  2. Doctors are afraid to prescribe any medications that have any "potential for addiction". However they will gladly give you something that turns you into a zombie and comes with bonus side effects like suicidal ideation, inability to have an orgasm, no energy, etc etc.

    I think this part just about sums it all up;

    Maria, who is 58, was treated for depression and anxiety. She has been referred by her primary care physician because her symptoms relapsed during tapering of venlafaxine. She reports, “Two days after tapering, I felt electrical twitches in my head; I have headaches and feel nervous and agitated. I think I am relapsing and will have to take my pills forever.”

    Big pharma wants people on pills forever. And the fact that those pills have side effects that "can be treated with more pills" is a big bonus. They will swear until the end of time that these drugs have no potential for abuse or addiction, which they dont in the typical sense. You cant "build up a tolerance" and need to constantly increase your dose to get "the same feeling". That is how addiction is defined in the typical sense. But any drug that comes with a potential of never feeling "normal" or "happy" without it is absolutely addictive too. As with Maria's case above, words like "relapse" and "have to take pills forever" are the words of an addict.
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  3. Not to mention the "conclusion";


    Clinicians will be confronted with bothersome and sometimes severe adverse effects in their patients when prescribing antidepressants. Before the initiation of antidepressant treatment, patients should be informed about potential adverse effects and encouraged to contact the physician with any concerns, so that these can be managed adequately. As a rule, begin with an antidepressant that has shown better tolerance at the lowest dose, then titrate slowly.

    Careful monitoring should focus on tolerance as well as on symptom alleviation. It is important to distinguish adverse effects from depression symptoms, such as fatigue and carbohydrate craving. Should bothersome adverse effects emerge, watchful waiting is often a reasonable option, since most adverse effects diminish over time. Either reducing the dose or adjusting the dosing schedule can be tried before switching to another antidepressant. If this strategy is not successful, the (off-label) addition of other pharmacological agents can be considered.

    In regard to mental health, when is the last time you felt like your doctor was able to "carefully monitor" jack shit? Appointments average what, 5-10 minutes? And you go what, once a month a best? Its all a joke. This article is also almost a decade old. When that is the first thing that comes up when you search for antidepressant side effects, just imagine how much information is being suppressed.
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  4. Which is understandable - but the fact that I'm able to prove through my history that I do not have an addiction to anti-anxiety medication due to the infrequency in which the prescription is refilled should be enough for her to trust me.

    Oh yes, I know all about the dangers of those types of medications. I mean, I guess they can be effective for some people, but I told this doctor: I'm looking for a short-term fix for insomnia...not a long-term treatment plan that involves trial and error anti-depressants.

    I already have a long-term treatment plan (and it involves lighting up a joint every night). I was just hoping for a little sympathy for the insomnia difficulties I've been having during my tolerance break and she gave me absolutely zero it felt like.
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  5. We can solve your dilemma easy enough.
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    The handful of semi sober days in the last decade were my choice and never lasted but 10 or 15 days. Testing to see how many days I can go without before the pain returns.
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  6. I use the Veterans Administration for all my medical (Military). With annual blood testing damn right they know I'm a Cannabis user. Thankfully my Doctor is very onboard and lets me have the max number of "Pain Pills" per month allowed as a Cannabis user. 15 pills per 30 days and I have to ask every month.

    I rarely ask. I really have to have done something I know good and well NOT to do to need more then my Kief Capsules to shut the dragon in my belly up. He asked me one day just how much I used. I said why? I guess the sample was way high enough to trigger another round of testing.
    I replied enough to make it seem that your face is melting. He burst out laughing and said good enough. We both laughed and he said you just never seem anything but completely sober. Doc you have just never seen my Sober self. Nobody has in decades not even Me.
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  7. It's all in your head man. There is no THC withdrawal insomnia bro. It's anxiety and that's what it is. You've told yourself that it's related to cannabis doesn't make it so.
    I take T-breaks; I call them W-breaks because I really do them to remind myself that it is my will that dictates my life. I will get a lil moody sometimes when I take these breaks, but I need to remind myself that it's just that, me being moody because I set some condition on my cannabis usage.
    Maybe be kinder to yourself and dissolve this stigma you've created with cannabis; or sorry, more appropriately, dissolve the stigma that society has created with cannabis.

    This isn't to say that you don't suffer from insomnia. I think the strongest cues to develop a proper sleep schedule is lighting and feeding habits. Turning off lights at night, no screen time, no nightlights or laptops, or at least, just running a long winded talk on low audio... this is what I do with trying to sleep. I listen to The History of Civilization by Will Durant almost every night. I just let it play on and I listen until I nod off. And the next night I play from where I last remember, or sometimes just listen to any old chapter...zzz

    As far as anxiety, well that maybe you should listen to this doctor (3-1/2 min video).

    One last thing,
    fuck pharmaceuticals
    man :/ Can't we just agree that if cannabis is the 'tried and true' for a person, isn't that ok? Man, you need to resolve this internal conflict you are having... something in your way of thinking is preventing you from really just letting it all go. Sometimes cannabis doesn't jive with a person, and I tell that person not to use it, but if it works for you, you're golden. I think you need to focus on what Dr. Alan Wallace has to say (in the attached video) and try to find a similar headspace. With that kind of serenity, nothing will ever cause you anxiety.
  8. Sounds like he nailed it to me…:confused_2:
  9. He did indeed nail it.

    But that does not really help while traveling to other states or in an environment/situation where cannabis use wouldn’t really be acceptable.
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  10. That is indeed a major issue. My last drying out spell was for exactly that reason. I was looking at an upcoming cross country road trip and I really didn't want to drive 2,000 miles carrying. I wanted to see exactly how many days before my pain came calling. I needn't have worried as once we reached Colorado and points west the Herb is easy to obtain with Dispensaries in all the far western states now.

    The nice thing about Kats recipe is you can whip up a single serve easy as Pie. I've done it over a bread toaster. Exhaust manifold of a car will do. I was going to buy a solar oven and try that just for fun. Never did get aroundtuit.

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