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MMJ Pick Ups threw Craigslist

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ImAsweatyBoy, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. So i have use craigslist for clones but ive noticed ads for bud itself and was wondering how many people here have used craiglist for that reason,
  2. Buying weed off of craigslist to me is beyond dumb i was even aware you could do this in MMJ states. There was a post from another member talking about how he got ripped off on a craigslist pick up.
  3. You'd really have to know no one to buy off of craigslist. Especially If you're a medical patient, there's always SOMEONE who has weed.

    DON'T buy from craigslists, there's to many stories from normal craigslist, let alone craigsweedlist
  4. I disagree. FOLLOW ALL STATE LAWS and use craigslist as a way to obtain everything around Medical Marijuana from clones to meds, to grow equipment and edibles. Just remember not to invite anyone to where you live or grow, and Dont do anything stupid like sell or buy big amounts of marijuana. Number one thing check your state medical laws and just follow that and be safe. PS i met some of the nicest people through cs postings.....
  5. It's a Trap!



  6. lol:D:D
  7. Don't lisin to the people calling you stupid. Try searching for "420" on craigslist under personal. That should help you out. Email them (even if they post their numbers), chat with them, then you decide youself if you think this person is a standup guy. Only buy a low amount. Your local police isn't going to invest their expensive resources to bust a bottom of the ladder consumer.
  8. Pick up threads are not allowed here.

  9. my buddy sold his hold crop on CL.

    if you got the paperwork, i dont see it as breaking any laws.

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