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[MMJ Mobile App]MJ's Strain Guide for Windows Mobile

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hackmimic, May 22, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    This is my first post here and i would like to present the alpha release of my new app for Windows Mobile. There are plans to make an app for andriod, iphone and windows PC.

    This app is developed for prop 215 patents or anyone who lives in an area where marijuana is decriminalized.

    This app offers details for two types of users - Growers and Smokers

    The Goal of the app is to give information for different aspects of a strain to help guide you to the medicine of your needs. The current version is Alpha 10 but i think im at a level of stability now to move to beta next release. I hope you all enjoy!!

    Whats inside:
    There are three main sections to the app - Pure Sativa Strain List, Pure Indica Strain List and Hybrid Strain List (this was set up to help growers target the strain type of there choice.)
    When you select the strain of your choice a new page will open to display data which is laid out in a card like fashion.
    When you are in the description page you will have a menu option to give additional details about the strain (THC/Potency levels will be included for the strains in the future.)
    Currently only the Sativa section is complete. all other sections are missing descriptions as i have not had a chance to implement them yet as i have focused on stability and solved many memory leaks.

    If you have any suggestion feel free to let me know. next app will be a MMJ cookbook called "Scoobies Doobie Snake Cookbook". There are also plans to support other resolutions in the future as well as other device platforms ie Andriod and Iphone.

    Important Notes:
    Due to the graphics and the amount of strains that will be supported, you will need to install the app to your Storage Card. If you install to phone memory you will have issues launching the descriptions.

    This app should work on any device that has a resolution of 480x800

    The files are hosted on my private server so you should have a speedy download. Current file is about 20MB's Strain Guide Alpha 10.CAB

    If you like this concept/app then please spread the word.

    Attached Files:

  2. Thanks for the info. Looking good. You don't seem to have many sativa strains listed on that page. I hope it grows.

  3. I do have plans to add more. some sativas you might be looking for are in the hybrid section. It takes me a long time to make each strain description page. My main goal is to have over 1000 strains covered. I am also learning right now how to optimize my app so it will be faster and compatible with more devices. I do plan as well to overhaul the description page and set it up for stats of 3 main types of grow. Hydro, indoor soil and outdoor. This way i can target the type of grower with the data they need on a more logistical manner. I am also open for any info/data to make this app very comprehensive. I plan of uploading a new updated version by next week. had to take care of some personal bs this week. in the new version it will have some of the indica list popluated with selectable data.

    Thank you for checking out the app:hello:
  4. Don't forget to include Palm phones. Thanks. :wave:

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