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MMJ. Kentucky. Anytime soon?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Tokeman15, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Will it ever come to kentucky. Me and my friend had a convo and he claims he saw something on the news about it but heres how the convo went.

    Friend: The are going to do MMJ in kentucky dude
    Me:Really, what all did they say about it.
    Friend:Idk man i was high.

    If anyone has any info about mmj in kentucky let me now and how can i make this come true.

  2. sry bro were fucked... move to Michigan.. its the closest state
  3. Im WI and im gonna move to mn or mi as soon as i am finanically stable

  4. yea i mean its the best solution... i mean just the fact that you should be able to just smoke for free should be a positive influence to want to move faster ;);)
  5. Yah and its like cali or co would be dank but i dont wanna be to far from the family you know? :smoking: i dont worry about getting caught with possesion anyways. The green never leaves my house.
  6. yea i feel ya only retards get caught.. i mean dnt buy in the projects and smoke at home... you will be just fine.... but man just having the ability to be able to walk inside a store and select from multiple strains of top shelf and cookies and cakes and milk and ships and candy... not only that but being able to grow your own.. i mean you say the herb is always at your house... so you prolly what smoke 1 oz a week give or take?? well just imagine not spending a dime and smokeing twice as much... one day bro .... one day

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