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MMJ in NJ for anxiety/other issues?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ips, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. Im currently seeing doctors about a few probably related issues (I think i have general anxiety disorder, panic disorder and some type of nerve twitching/pain problem... and i obviously barley sleep due to this). I have an extremley high level of anxiety at all times to the point that i constantly feel like i am overheating and about to loose my mind and it only gets worse with stress. I also have constant twitching in my feet and legs and sometimes arms as well as random shots of pain and am unable to concentrate. Ive recently been prone to explode angrily at the slightest thing....all of this goes completely against my personality. Ive always had some small anxiety and twitching issues but this all flared up about a year ago after a very stressful and difficult part of my life....leading me to think its GAD. Weed has also completely gotten rid of my asthma while i use regularly:smoke:

    So far doctors have tried benzos which helped the twitching a bit but did nothing for the anxiety. Marijuana is nothing short of a miracle for me...It reverses every symptom of what bothers me and getting high is pretty much the exact opposite feeling I usually have.If I had not been using marijuana daily through out this entire process I would have lost my mind by now(the overheating alone is enough to make me start to loose it). My mom knows and objects to it a bit still but is somewhat understanding and knows i spend most of my time away at college so it wont be in the house much.

    Im really hoping im able to get a recommendation in NJ in the near future but the laws seem too restrictive.Can anyone here shed some light on my chances at getting MMJ here.... im very worried this wont be possible and i wont be able to afford street prices for much longer(mom would help if i was buying it legally).

    Tl;DR- have unbearable anxiety disorder and some type of nerve twitch/pain issue but worried Nj's medical laws will be too restrictive for me or I wont be able to find a doctor
  2. Have you had nerve conduction tests? Twitching all the time can be a symptom of much more serious (and qualifying) conditions.
    For example:
    Isaac's Syndrome Information Page: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

    More diagnostics, don't just let them pawn you off with benzos.
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    You have to make sure its truly rooted in Anxiety and not just withdrawal symptoms from smoking. You can experience anxiety, restlessness, and inability to sleep. The complete opposite effects of smoking. Go figure haha.

    Id stay away from benzos. Its usually what the doc prescribes when he doesn't really give a shit. Benzos are silly.
  4. I suffer from this also. I have a general sense of anxiety at times but its not me being nervous so it makes me wonder if its something more serious. When I get high I sometimes get more tense. I got stoned as shit last night and had a migraine. I felt groggy and was barely able to eat And the top of my head was hurting. I usually have minor and random twitching on different parts of my body. Sucks that I don't have insurance for situations like this.
  5. Have you checked with your local teaching hospital to see if they have free or sliding scale care available if you agree to be seen by interns? Honestly, the interns are often better at diagnosing complex cases-they are not totally burned out yet.
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    Well I live in the same county as Jackson hospital. Which works with uninsured but u think only with e.r visits. and is one of he biggest hospitals on the east coast. But its always full of the drunks and crack heads .also it works with the university of Miami I'll check it out for what you mentioned. Its ironic I went to a magnet school and studied st u.m for a little. Those interns are usually good because they want to prove themselves but then they just stop improving .
  7. Thanks for the recommendations so far... im deff not letting them give me benzos and im going to keep seeing doctors until were 100% sure whats wrong. I already know tht this isnt caused by withdrawal form smoking as Ive had this to some extent my whole life (severe reactions to stress or nerve racking situations...always felt like my brain was a pressure cooker and like i might loose my mind. This turned chronic first semester of this year when a bunch of stressful things happened and i didnt start smoking till after this started (mostly because i was dating someone for 3.5 years that was against it). Im over everything that happened completely and my life is honestly fine right now besides dealing with this. I really dont want to be given anti depressants either as i dont want to turn into a zombie... im really hoping i can somehow get a recommendation. The overheating sensation alone is enough to drive me nuts and id honestly fear for my sanity and life if ti wasnt for the therapeutic benefits ive gotten from marijuana so far.

  8. I have only ever felt more tense if im in an environment where im worried about getting caught by police or other people who would get me in trouble with the law. I also have an unusually high tolerance.... no matter how much i smoke i can always seem to smoke more and ive only been smoking for a little less than a year. Even when i had just started smoking when i was using occasionally with people who had been daily users for years i always smoked mroe than anyone else. The entire time i smoke i feel like things are being lifted and reversed with different symptoms slowly going away the more i smoke. I reach a certain level where even if ive smoked a good amount i dont feel high...just relief from everything.

    Also my neurologist thinks that whatevers wrong has given me adhd but i think its mroe just lack of ability to focus due to crippling anxiety and panic attacks. I tried adderal (.5mg) on two occasions (once with a bit of weed and once with nothing). Both times it hit me really hard and i had horrible panic attacks.
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    OP, I am in almost the precise situation as you.

    Unfortunately, from what I understand, the laws in NJ are too stringent. If you want to relieve your pain with MMJ, then I would suggest moving to a more friendly MMJ state.

    I was thinking of it and it's still in my mind. I'm tired of this cat and mouse game - all because I am medicating myself...

    Anyways, I was thinking Cali, but it seems like Colorado would be a more viable option - for me at least.

    I hope to make it to CO.

    But that's all I can tell you, OP. The criteria here in NJ for MMJ is mostly for terminal diseases. And even then it would still be a pain in the ass - only like 1 oz. a month in your possession every month. Plus no growing it, and there will only be 3 dispenseries - North, Central, and South.

    Sucks... :(
  10. theres gonna be six dispensaries and you can buy up to 2 ounces a month. sense your general practitioner has to recommend you i MIGHT have a chance. Im 21 and in college so im still seeing the same doctor ive been seeing my whole life(plus now a neurologist and soon a sleep specialist and a psychiatrist). If I can get the neurologist (who knows im self medication) or the psychiatrist to say its a good idea ot my mom shed probably be able to convince my regular doctor....or I could try to find a crooked doctor. Moving right now in my life is simply not an option. im going into senior year of college (in PA) and Literally every dime I have at the moment is going to marijuana for medical use and other essentials...and i still dont have enough to medicate like i need to...dont even get to use recreationally anymore. I never thought id be in a situation where the medicine i need to function normally would be illegal.
  11. Please review the "do you qualify" sticky thread and if you have further questions about qualifying ask them in there.

    We are REALLY trying to not have EVERY SINGLE USER have their own "do I qualify" thread
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