MMJ in a non MMJ state.

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  1. So basically I'm from Florida and have found marijuana to help me with countless medical setbacks and also I really enjoy the high as I feel it focuses my mind but here it's a bid harder to get hands on, much tougher with police, and prices are double and triple what they are in legal states. Is there any way to find a better bigger source of medicine?

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  2. Yeah, move to a medical state.
  3. Chep. That's about it.
  4. -cough- silk road -cough-
  5. MMJ in Florida is being voted in novemeber, no? Not saying will be legal or how easy you will be able to get it. For example NJ is difficult to get MMJ. Try growing your own, but be very careful about that. Growing without a card is indeed illegal so if you do it, keep it on the down low. Don't take friends to come see the girls as they grow.
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    Florida has dank for decent prices..I can get O's for 280-300 of really dank weed, that's a decent price for this part of the country honestly. How much are you paying? Try expanding the circle of people you talk to..alot of people smoke weed bro

    Like someone else said try growing your own but never tell anyone..people talk too much and you don't want the wrong person hearing about it.
    Also look for Florida to get MMJ voted in this year..
  7. like the guy above me said, here in FL, its not expensive, and you can get some good weed....
  8. Growing isn't really an option at this time but definitely a thought for the future! Thanks for the reply

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  9. The problem is money isn't really flowin so I'm buying buy the 8th now so it's a little more than buying in bulk. I don't know maybe it's different in central FL too. Prices aren't terrible but it's not like a legal state. Wish I could grow! Thanks for the input man! Much appreciated

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  10. Let's just pray enough people can look past the negative bias and see the benefits it offers! Good wishes to all my FL blades

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  11. Wish I could.

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  12. Triple huh? U pay $60 a gram? For that price ill deliver it myself straight from Lundgren, mi
    For a nominal fee of course
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  13. My boy that used to live in Florida got some amazing weed and be claims he got it 250 an o. Shop Around for some new connects

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  14. get out and make some new friends.
  15. Well hopefully you guys vote yes to medical in november, because even then it'll take awhile to get everything set up.
  16. Was super blazed when I made this post. May has exaggerated a little.. But it's still a bit more than I like

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  17. well I live in a medical state and grow my own, and still find myself paying $20/g for quality from time to time, actually if anything prices went up since legalized, I used to get qp's of bomb for 250 now I'm lucky to get an ounce of bunk for that, medical ain't all it's cracked up to be

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  18. Oh damn. Well. That's what I'm payin now so I guess I really gotta take some of those statements back haha. But still hope it gets legalized here. Feel like it would bring a lot of good

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  19. Legalization does make it easier to get for sure, but the prices fheww, don't get me wrong, I'm all for mmj, but I think $10-$15/g is more reasonable, I mean, shit, theres a dispensary by my house that has $90 eighths, that's crazy, I dont care how good it is

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  20. I don't think weed is really that much cheaper in MMJ/rec states. It's just easier to find and there's a better selection.

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