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MMJ for MS?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by reggaemylitis, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. My mom has MS and I know she used to smoke back in the day. I've read about people using MMJ to treat the pain that accompanies MS. Does anyone have any first hand accounts or info to help me out?
  2. My mom also has MS and used to smoke, she says pots helps sometimes with her eye pain but she doesn't smoke much cause she has a ton of painkillers but she will when the painkillers dont work it often helps. *eye pain though*

    hope that helps man. I wish my mom could get MMJ but i live in fl :(
  3. have your mom watch, In Pot We Trust, a great documentary on showtime, you can prob find the lady with ms from that interview on youtube. but yes mj is proven to help ms patients tremendously

    weed intensifys pk's so have ur mom smoke on them, itll help out alot more, than not on em
  4. Awesome documentary! I highly recommend watching it.

    Yes, MMJ is known to work wonders for MS patients. Montel Williams is a huge MMJ supporter (he has MS, too)...
  5. my sister is like not a visiting nurse but kinda like that and she goes to a guys house who has ms and he doesnt have medical mary j cause its not legal in ct but he does smoke weed and it supposedly really helps him
  6. There is in fact a product called Sativex, Ok'd for use in Holland and the UK, which is specifically targeting MS patients. Sativex is an actual derivative of marijuana. The FDA is denying, of course, that it works, despite research that shows it outperforms most other drugs for the syndrome. But MM is just as good, plenty of people with MS around here swear by it. See for yourself, it can't do her any harm.
  7. My sister-in-law uses medical marijuana and she has improved not only in pain management but motor skills as well. It also helps with spasms. She has lost a lot of weight. The Marijuana stimulates her appetite and controls problems with nausea. She said she feels almost like a whole person again.

    For now.

    New Mexico state officials are refusing to produce or distribute. Smoke 'em while you got 'em.
  8. thanks for the help folks, im gonna talk to my mom some more about it, I live in WI and we dont have MMJ either but that doesnt mean we dont have weed so i will see what i can do. I was considering slipping a joint into one of her packs of cigs w/ a note. That would be the classy approach.
    I have seen "in pot we trust" that was the first time i heard about mmj for ms, i think i will have my mom watch it. The problem is it's not really much about ms probably only a few minutes w/ the lady from RI who has it.
  9. There is a lot of info online about the benefits of MM therapy for MS. We did a lot of research before deciding. It was a tough decision considering the fact that we're devout Mormons. How do sell illegal drug use as kosher to a group of people that won't even touch coffee or tea? :p

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