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MMJ for Migraines?! No way!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Melbryn420, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I've had clinically diagnosed migraines since I was 5, when I was first taken to an ER for it. I've never lived in a state (still don't apparently) where MMJ was accepted. TX, FL, and GA are all so old school about pot that they think it's evil or something. Here I am, 30 years old, and I find out here,and thru a google search today, that MMJ has been used and proven to help migraines for like 150 years! WTF?! Nothing has EVER worked on my headaches and the doctors never bothered bringing this up to me. That pisses me off.
    I've had a migraine since yesterday morning and I'm about to go back to bed with Ice on my head and a blindfold on my eyes, and all these years I could've just smoked a little pot. Dammit. That's not fair.
    And here in Madison, WI, they decrim'd it, but its not approved for med use yet. Dammit!

    I'm going to bed. My head is throbbing.
  2. Oh hon, I am SO sorry for you! I have migraines from a head trauma at age 3, so I understand! I'm lucky, cannabis wipes them out. I've used cannabis for over 40 years.

    You want a little "good karma" revenge on those ignorant doctors? Click the link in my sig, scroll down to "Migraine" and get your printer going! The send the printouts and the "innocent" URL- unless you WANT them to experience some culture shock here-:eek: lol You might want to send it anonymously- might be less hassle for you.

    When it comes to cannabis and how it heals- WE ARE THE EXPERTS! The doctors don't know much about it- even in Canada, where it is medically legal, the doctors admit that MOST of what they know about MMJ comes from their patients! In the US, the doctors know ZILCH! TEACH them!

    Mel, all I can say is move to California! The northern part (once out of the big cities) isn't at all bad. Oregon is also good- migraine is on their list of conditions. Don't know about the other MMJ states- life without migraines is possible!

    You can get a good feel for a place by going on line and finding the local paper- I find that the classifieds tell me a lot- Rent levels, firewood prices (you can make a fair living working your tail off come fall.), number of yard sales, job availability, etc. Just read the whole paper-arrest records, letters to the editor, school news, etc- by the time you're done, you will have a good idea if it is a good place for you.

    And when is this country ever going to get some common sense about medical cannabis? :confused:

    Granny :wave:
  3. I wish you where my grandma!
    ima call you granny when i reply to your posts
  4. I appreciate your sympathy- I figured someone else out there probably had some experience with MMJ/migraine relief. The bad part of this whole affair is that my wife and I just moved here about a month ago, and I, being a stay-at-home-dad right now, haven't had the time or ability to really go out and meet anyone to help me find something. What little effort I HAVE put into the search has come up dry (I've been posting about my search for a few weeks here, not even thinking about migraines). I've spoken to a couple people from out of my area that seem cool, but just not close enough to really supply me with anything. Of course, after finding out that MJ can help this particular problem, not just my desire to relax, I may attempt a trip to get a little anyway...
    Its funny to me that I've smoked for about 15 years, and had migraines for 25 years, but never tried to smoke to get rid of one...I always figured that the last thing my headache needed was me smoking! If only I had known!
    I was actually considering going to a clinic tonight to seek Imitrex or whatever they call it, but I hate taking pills, what with all the crazy side-effects that I may have to deal with... I just hate the idea of that man-made crap polluting me. Time, ice-packs, and darkness may have always helped, but I have to actually bear the pain until it goes away completely. Oh fun. Meanwhile, my wife is home, so she's got the baby now- I'm going to lay back down...

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