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MMJ for insomnia in Washington?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by maximus100389, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. I've searched quite a bit and can't find anything about medical marijuana for insomnia in Washington. Does anyone know if it's legal for that purpose cause im tryin to get a card
  2. if it has MMJ i dont see why they wouldnt give you a card for that.

    just say you want to use something to sleep that is not as dangerous or habit forming as sleeping pills
  3. nope, it appears as if you can only get a card in Washinton if you have cancer, aids, or some sort of chronic pain.
  4. I hear washington is the hardest to get it in. My little brother got turned down because his crohns wasn't bad enough.
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    In Washington, it is really about who you go see. If you cannat convince your Dr. to give you a recomendation, then you need to go to one of the various clinics that are held throughout the state. The problem most people have is that they have no medical history. They just show up one day and say "I have been hurting forever and I have tried this and this, to no effect." Great, so where are your medical records? "Oh, well I saw this doctor way back..." Sorry folks, this won't due. You need a documentable history, or something that is obviously debilitating and terminal. I think it sucks, cause cannabis is about as safe as a therapy as one could want. Anyone who is can buy a bottle of aspirin should be able to purchase and use hemp of any kind.

    As a side note, It took me years to finally get a recomendation in WA. Be patient and cool headed with the system and you will move further ahead than if you get frustrated. Keep trying different docs and clinics until you find one that is willing to give you the care you need. Check beforhand with private practice doctors to see if they would even consider it. Most will not. HMO's generally have policies in place that prevents there doctors from doing so, regardless of how the attending physician feels.

    Keep in mind that many illnesses and treatment plans incur nasty side effects that leave patients unable to eat, either due to nausea or spastisity. Many stomach ailments are being added to the list, including Barretts disease. While cannabis may not be recomended for anxiety, if a patient has nausea and upset stomach all the time, and cannot eat, cannabis may be recomended. Anxiety also causes muscle tension and pain. As in my case, my body will not tolerate pain meds of any sort, due to my stomach problems. Some pain meds inhibit my ability to swallow. My only pain relief is from cannabis. The main cause of all this is PTSD, anxiety, and lack of sleep from constant nightmares and insomnia.

    So while it is difficult in many cases to get a recomendation in WA for certain ailments, it is not impossible. Doctors have quite a bit of discretion with this. You may just have to think outside the box. You will have to sit down and do alot of work. Start with this: Why do you have insomnia? How does it affect you? What treatments have you tried? How have they worked for you? You do not even have to lie to the doctors, you just need to make your ailment fit into the guidelines some how.

    My apologies for covering things so broadly, I think my mind has been on many posts that seem to be dealing with the frustration of having to obtain a recomendation but not knowing how to qualify.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.
  6. Thanks, that was a helpful post. I read somewhere that described the easiest way to get a card. It said that if I can go to a doctor and have them document that I have insomnia, and I don't like using sleeping pills because I have become dependent on them before, and I go to a clinic (I forget the name, but it is a clinic that constantly provides MMJ recommendations if you provide documantation of a condition that fits into the guidelines by a doctor) then they will give you a card.

    what i dont know is if insomnia qualifies in washington as a condition that warrants use of mmj

  7. As to your question, no it cannot be recommended (there is no actual card for mmj in WA) for insomnia specifically. Also, go read the RCW for WA state. Google it, you should have this info printed out and memorized if you have, or wish to posses a doctors recomendation for cannabis in the Evergreen state.
  8. Ok, well I have an appointment with my physician to discuss my anxiety/stress/anger/depression problems... hopefully he will have something insightful to say about MMJ or other alternative treatments I can get. I just can't stand sleeping pills and other hyper-addictive drugs :mad:

  9. How did your appointment go? I've got a history of anxiety/stress/anger/depression and, while I don't have a history of it, I've always been borderline underweight and cannabis certainly helps with my desire to eat

  10. If you are in Washington State, while insomnia is not covered, anorexia is.

    RCW 69.51A.010: Definitions.

    These limited lists of qualifying conditions drive me insane(r). Its so arbitrary.:mad:

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