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MMJ Dispensaries banned in LA!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Colbias14, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Another step in the wrong direction I see.
  2. Seems like the madness will never end..
  3. Of all the fucking shit to be banning and spending man-hours on...this is it? Disgusting...
  4. Fuck Obama, Fuck DEA and now Fuck LA City Council.
  5. Nooo.. Im moving to la and was about to go medical. Fuck
  6. These biz owners have put life and soul into it .now they don't even get unemployment would think a state in so much debt would welcome these tax dollars..must be the powers that rule calling the they must go back to the street to get help and will support cartels..this is absolutely totally screwed up..i guess big brother wants them supporting crime instead of their country..toke on
  7. It says there will be a few shops that stay open, so maybe they're just trying to cut down on the high number of shops? 762 is a lot.. Not saying its right, just throwing that out there
  8. how would LA ban medical facilities wtf ? thats fucked up all those people in LA are gonna be pissed theres no way they can hold that back wow
  9. Yeah so, you guys gonna stop abusing your system and help it not be corrupted? Stop using it to legally get high and use a stupid excuse like oh I have a boo booooo! And this won't happen.
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    This needed to happen. 900 stores in la county. That is overboard. Dont worry there are still like 180 left. When there are more pot shops than Starbucks there is something wrong
    Where as my town still has 0 for about a year now. That was after 6 of them.
  11. Have you guys been to LA? Dispensaries everywhere, way way overboard. A lot of the newer ones seem very shady also. I see this as more of a cleanse to get all the shady ones out and keep the veteran dispensaries.
  12. Hmm. I guess I wasnt aware of the on-site situation...maybe this isnt all that negative...however it does make ganja look bad in the public eye yet AGAIN
  13. It's WAY out of control and the city council is just as much to blame as anyone for sitting there yaking about it for years with no action. Yes, this really bites for the true patients and it's unfortunate that the profiteers, the criminals and the kids dumb enough to pay the prices they charge have screwed those who are seriously ill. When you take the medical out of MMJ, this is what you get - a giant clusterfuck.

    Taxes? Who said taxes? A lot of the bastards aren't exactly the tax paying type. Rewrite the rules, exclude all felons from dispensary ownership and bring on the straight CBD meds for the backache/insomnia/anxiety kids, but most of all, take the damn money out of the equation and there will be a lot less problems. Or legalize and regulate.
  14. One thing I love is that all of the citizens are starting to see through this "marijuana is dangerous" bullshit.
    The government is realizing this...
    Think of all of the people who smoke cannabis these days and look at all of the new smokers to.
    I think it is safe to say that cannabis will be legal in my lifetime.
    Back in 2001 on there was very little hope in sight lol.
    Regardless of the dispensary closures in LA I am glad we have made it this far.
    Glad people are protesting the ban, glad people are making noise, glad there are 3 legalization bills on the ballot in 3 different states this year.
  15. Rumor has it that the politicians in L.A. have ties to the street gangs that control drug trafficking.
  16. Supposedly they're drafting a new bill or something that will allow about 180 dispensaries to remain open. Not an entire ban just an 80% whack at the # of dispensaries =/
  17. this vote conflicts with a ruling issued a few weeks ago by California's 2nd District Court of Appeal, which has jurisdiction over Los Angeles. :cool:
  18. That was appealed and the State Supreme Court will make a ruling on it in the next year or so. Many cities decided to just wait and see what the outcome is, but not LA.
  19. So how are they going to decide which ones stay? The ones that were there first?
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