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Mmj Delivery

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by b4tt1n1, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hello peeps, I live in California and down here in LA there's a lot of people that deliver mmj instead of owning a dispensary/collective. I'd like to get into this business as I would like to help out patients that can't make it to the shops and earn a couple extra bucks on the side. So are there any special requirements besides having a card, a steady supply and reliable transportation?

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  2. Yea, just dont get caught
  3. I was wondering the same thing.
    -a fellow californiab

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  4. it's not technically covered by any of the California medical laws. so its a BIG no no legally speaking. also have been hearing the dea has been secretly shutting them down in the last few months. be very careful, the're basically just "medical"  black marjet dealers in the eyes of the law.
  5. that's what I was thinking, although when I first saw it, it seemed legit because they were delivering it to people who had cards. It's no different than what my dealer used to do with the exception that I didn't have a card lol I'm sure buying oz from different shops would raise red flags too

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    You need to form a collective.
    Although state law has no explicit provision for delivery services, they can be justified on the grounds that many patients lack transportation and cannot grow for themselves.
    The best way to organize a delivery service is as a non-profit cooperative or collective. The management should be in the hands of the membership, not a single individual. (See definitions of collective and cooperative above.)
    See this link for more information; :smoke:

  7. Having a card, supplies, and transportation will not be enough for you to have a delivery service. You'll need proper documentation, follow certain procedures and a few other things if you'd like to do it legitimately and be 100% compliant. You need to be incorporated so your personal assets can be protected. And don't forget to check if business license is required from the state, county, up to city level.
    It's not super difficult, but can get very confusing very quickly if you don't know what you're doing. Anything you fail to do, as dictated by state, city and county regulations and you're just asking to be made an example out of by law enforcement.
    If you'd like more specific help or have any questions. Let me know. This is exactly my field of expertise. :)

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