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MMJ card in Washington or Oregon - Non Resident

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by xsouthparkx, Jun 7, 2009.

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    If I'm not a resident of Washington or Oregon, can I get a MMJ card from there?
    And if so, which state would be best?

    I have valid reasons for one (chronic pain.) I can get X-Rays, pics and show physical scars, etc.

    Total Questions I have:
    1. Do I need to contact my doctor and ask if he recommends it, or can I just give contact info to the MMJ doctor and have him do all that stuff.
    2. Which state is better for MMJ?
    3. Where specifically do I go when applying for MMJ
    4. Where do I purchase the MMJ?

    I at least would enjoy questions 1-2 answered, but 3-4 I could probably figure out on my own. ;)


    I have researched a little and I believe I can't get a card unless I am a resident.
    Is this by chance true? If so, that blows lol
  2. washington wont give you a card if you arent a resident
  3. Ok, thanks.
    Does anyone know about Oregon?
    I'm not seeing anything about not being able to do so. I'm guessing it's possible? If I'm wrong let me know lol
  4. common sense tells me you wont be able to get a card in a state that you arent a resident of.
  5. It's not just common sense, it's the truth.

    You CANNOT get a recomendation in any state in which you are not a resident. NONE of the 13 MMJ states will allow it.

    I honestly cannot believe this question comes up as often as it does.
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    I believe my question was very valid indeed, and not "common sense" as you people seem to enjoy putting it. If you can get prescription medication out of state, why can't you get a prescription for medical marijuana out of state?
    I understand they are both different, due to legality issues and whatnot. But I just don't see how common sense has anything to do with my question. Common sense is common knowledge and medical laws ARE NOT common knowledge. You, very blatantly, are calling me a fool.
    Is Idaho Ready for Medical Marijuana? | News | Boise Weekly

    Please post links of this particular topic that has come up so very often. I don't doubt that this topic has come up before, but I have yet to see one specifically, other than my own.

    In your face. :D
  7. you cannot get a "prescription" for marijuana in any state. what you get is doccumentation by a physician saying the benefits of using mmj outweight the risks of using mmj. it only provides an affirmative defense if you are arrested. theres no prescription for mmj.
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    1. I'm not a doctor
    2. I'm not a mmj patient
    3. I don't know medical marijuana language/jargon? Look at 1 and 2.

    I know there is a difference between doctors prescribing pills vs recommending mmj. I'm done. I don't see any point with this topic being open to any more discussion.
  9. Sorry-I wasnt trying to write in a way that belittles you. There is a lot of misconception of MMJ laws. Especially for WA since they dont actually give you a "card". The whole MMJ law is pretty fucked up. You can still be arrested, but at least you have doctor doccumentation that will get you off...
  10. Oh I didn't realize that about WA though. So I suppose you were right.
    My bad :eek:
  11. ????
    a new law passed recently, yes?
  12. Yes, Oregon allows non-residents to get a recommendation and use MMJ within the boundaries of their state.

  13. You can get a card in Oregon if you qualify - the Oregon Supreme Court ruled on this about 3 months back.

    1. You can work with a MMJ clinic - they will prequalify based on your medical records. Common ones THCF, Mammas, Alternative Medical Services.

    2. Oregon is best MMJ state by far.

    3&4 State of Oregon: Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP)

    Above is OMMP office. All forms and info found here,


    PS Montana will issue out of state cards also.
  14. If you're coming to Oregon to get your out of state card do take your paperwork by the OMMP office to pay your fees and get it stamped.

    Faxing and mailing is just taking too long. They are really backed up. Its been five months and I don't have my card yet, just the stamped paperwork. Make copies. Lots of copies.

    Oregon Green Free and Voter Power will be happy to see you as well.
    OGF Clinical Services

    Enjoy your vist.:)

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