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MMJ card in CA bay area?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by torano, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking of checking out either 420evalution or green time for a card. <- any suggestions on this?

    And now I'm wondering "what will it be once I'm in there talkin to a doc"

    The ad says it's 10 min consultation.

    Originally, due to many "exaggeraters(='oh so ez just walk in pay the bucks n yer gud')" on the web,

    and my naivety of believing such, I was gonna get there without any papers.

    What are the odds for this?

    I have anxiety/depression goin on ever since I got busted for multiple duis. (that was before i toked)

    I did some group therapy as a treatment for my anxiety and

    am thinking of getting my medical records on this.

    This is my first time visiting a doc for the card so I'm sort of nervous.

    What's the chance am I looking at?

    It seems it's hard to get one unless it's like arthritis or back pain papers you're presenting.

    I saw this news video on youtube about MMJ, interviewing this two kids in the dispensary who

    claim to have anxiety/ and insomnia. (kinda felt encouraged by it)

    It'd be nice if you guys with cards can show your anticipation for the outcome on my case.

    Btw, I'm new to this forum :wave:<here's my hello;)
  2. you have a real medical history? (have you seen a DOCTOR, someone with a PHD?)

    If not, you need to acquire a history.
  3. I would recommend a place in Sacramento, I took my girl there and she got hers within a half hour (w/ no appointment or medical history). Just be honest with the doctor there and he will approve you. Try to find a coupon in a local newspaper, it drops the new patient price to I think 55 instead of 99. Just google Sacramento 420 evaluation and give them a call!
  4. Yes but it only shows each visit i made and the doc's name, and his department(eg. psychiatrist).

    Not really any details about why I visited or what I was diagnosed for. Will it still help?
  5. The evaluation place I went to was Cost Less evaluations in SF (I think that was the name). I have a chronic pain disorder and I brought all my medical history and paperwork. I filled out the general form (name address etc) when I was there. The doctor didn't even ask me for any type of paperwork. I was so nervous all I said was I have back pain, and he smiled and said okay and walked out. A few minutes later I was getting my picture taken for the card and done! I highly recommend it, the place looks kinda sketchy but it's not.

  6. Sounds like Priceless Evaluations. 20th and Mission? I just got mine renewed there this past Friday. I'd pretty much describe it exactly like you did... And no, no records necessary :p

    It does look sketchy as hell from the outside though... El Clinico Latino, lol...
  7. That's exactly it! my friend and u were outside of it looking lost and trying to find the clinic, a straight bum with no teeth told us "oh trust me you're in the right place go up the stairs". Looking back I have no idea why I took this crazy guy's advice but hey it led me to getting my card in a snap!
  8. priceless evaluations, man google it. it's in sf
  9. yeah folks, it totally worked in that place. lol totally worth my time.
  10. Do not go to 420 evaluations here is why....

    First of all its cheap and if you go in its clearly not very medical. I prefer a doctor that sets up an appointment, really talks to you, and isn't afraid to say no to a patient. They also ask for medical records to prove your condition.

    The problem with 420 evaluations is that as you walk into the door the doctors in there already are signing your medical card. I'm skeptical of any place that does this. Another big issue with them is that they give you the year without asking for any medical records.

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