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mmj card for aspergers?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by wazoo42o, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So i just heard someone got a mmj card for aspergers syndrome? I got diagnosed with it as a kid and was wondering if this was treatable with mmj and if any states recognize it as treatable by mmj and will allow treatment
  2. I'm no scientist but my brother has aspergers, and I don't see how mmj would help. It's not like he's in pain or something.
  3. Subbed for discussion.
  4. I would have to guess that it would help with the psychological aspects of it ie. Depression, sleep loss, ocd like symptoms.
  5. I'm interested because if they treat it with mmj i want to know exactly what they say it helps with.

    I plan on continuing smoking regardless this is just an interesting thought.

  6. My brother has none of those things, do you know someone with aspergers personally who has those symptoms?
  7. And they are very common in people with aspergers, not directly from it but in a sense
  8. A friend of mine has it and experiences heavy depression and trouble sleeping. She doesn't have OCD qualities though.
  9. The depression and sheep loss come often from over analyzing everything.
  10. Sleep loss*
    Lol i have my sheep in order...
  11. Give me your sheep and I'll make sure none get lost :p

    But she actually does do that, I had a different impression of OCD.
  12. Damn. Thought I was about to score some sheep!
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  14. Aspergers is no longer a medical diagnosis. For good reason too. Everyone an their brother thinks they have aspergers nowadays because they have obsessive compulsive habits and sadness.
  15. You know that based on what?
  16. You're a little off the mark there. When someone has the symptoms that used to result in an Asperger's diagnosis, they are now diagnosed with autism. Asperger's was always a subset of the autism spectrum anyway, but now doctors are removing all distinction between the conditions. It's not like neurologists decided it was a fake disorder.
  17. My brother is autistic and diagnosed with "aspergers". I only wish it was limited to low social interaction and obsessive habits. Those should be diagnosed separately and not be indicative of autism. While he does suffer from those things, that alone is not "aspergers".
  18. Noone ever said it was, only that in a few peoples cases that those symptoms were present.
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    None of these are Asperger's symptoms.

    OCD-like symptoms might come close, but even that's a huge stretch.

    MMJ has nothing to offer Aspergers people, and this is working under the assumption that Aspergers is a real psychological disorder and not just bad parenting.

    Aspergers was dropped from the DSM-V.

    They're not going to diagnose a previously "Asperger's-like person" with Autism. If you had Aspergers in 2012, you're not going to have Autism in 2013 because of a change in the DSM.

    I used to work with LEGIT Autistic kids and Autism is NOTHING like what Asperger's is supposed to be. I can tell when a person is autistic. I can not tell when someone is an Aspie, probably because Aspergers is not an actual psychological disorder.

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