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MMJ as part of my exercise regimen

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by anchorman0890, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hey all :wave:

    so i used to be pretty into bodybuilding and lived an extremely austere life with a strict eating schedule and training regimen. as soon as i started smokin i completely lost all desire to lift or exercise at all lol. i took a short break from smokin to detox and get a job and regained my enthusiasm for working out etc.

    my question is: is there any biological benefits to consuming herb while training? what strains or methods of intake would be best? also has anybody tried this and how hard would it be to curb my cravings for junk food?

    its kinda weird tho, after i started smoking i would eat so much junk food but i lost close to 35 lbs. granted most of it was muscle i still never really got "fat"
  2. well man idk about biological benefits but i smoke before workin out all the time it gets me really focused in on my work out and it even helps me push myself harder b/c i feel like im not feeling the burn as much cuz im high :smoking:

    and about the junk food u just have to control ur munchies and try eating some healthy nutritious food its still good

    anyways good luck and stay lifted
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    if you're concerned about health benefits while smoking herb you should look into vaporizing, making hash, or edibles.

    those are probably the healthiest ways to use it

    i don't know much about the biological benefits though

    happy toking!
  4. i would recommend some heady sativa strains, you will feel much more energized and ready to work out opposed to getting stoned off some heavy indica
  5. that sounds pretty good! i usually favor sativas anyways lol. and as far as biological benefits i was thinking maybe it would help as far as muscular repair or at least decreasing overall stress idk?
  6. if you're doing a lot of running or endurance stuff weed might keep your body from overstressing itself or producing too much cortisol. just a thought.
  7. I work out all the time high. It helps me push myself and get a few extra reps in with each lift. If you're concerned about the munchies and can't stop yourself from eating just reach for something healthy instead of junk. I prefer a bag of baby carrots, mixed nuts, or any kind of fruit.
  8. I love smoking before I work out - I'm always way more motivated when I have a little buzz going, not to mention I can push further budd just gives me the desire to go the extra mile lol.
  9. damn i guess im just on the wrong strains hah! i used to be gettin medical MMJ from cali (purple urkel, trainwreck, master kush, and my fav fav purple pineapple kush) over where i was at but now all i can find is that colombian pancake bud, not to mention they call it "kush" and say its the best stuff theyve had LOL. i'll never understand why they expect everyone to be chumps...
  10. Definitely get healthy munchies food. Carrots, celery, pita (amazing toasted), hummus, grapes, apples, etc....
  11. what do you guys think is the best strain for smoking before working out? I've heard some mention sativa
  12. Sour diesel is 1 of my favorites for working out. I highly recommend it. It's a very heady sativa which makes you able to function well still and not feel lazy.
  13. One of my "rules" (personal rules) for vaping is that I must exercise while under the influence, since I really cannot do it any other time. I mostly do Yoga and Pilates-type stuff, though I used to weight train quite a bit, before the MS made that too exhausting. Sometimes I'll go for a walk after vaping and hope that I don't run into one of my neighbors who wants to talk:rolleyes:. I walk at night sometimes to avoid that.

    Like you, I find that cannabis increases my motivation and also eases my spasms, which allows me to stretch, which in turn, improves my MS symptoms even while not medicated.

    I can do Yoga intermittently for an hour or two after vaping, and I have seen some amazing results in flexibility, balance and stamina in various poses. I have considered adding some weights back into my routine, but that's on hold until we find out what's going on with my heart. (I have an echo tomorrow-that should answer a lot of questions)

    Try to find a way to not smoke - it's hard on the body.
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    cannabis has some muscle relaxant qualities so toking up after you work out is like stretching, to an extent, which will allow your muscles to grow faster. Also the endorphins you produced during your workout will increase your high when you smoke after.

    Then theres the antioxidants in cannabis that will protect your body from the free radicals produced during your workout.

    Analgesic/anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling.

    Bone stimulant properties to help ensure you dont injure yourself.

    antispasmodic properties to help quiet cramping/muscle spasms.

    Anti-ischemic to ensure your muscles get enough blood flow.

    Absolutely mmj should be a part of your exercise regimen.
  15. I would stay away from indicas and wouldn't toke before going to the gym if you get self conscious around other lifters.
  16. Ive been lifting longer than I've been smoking and I can't smoke before I lift, no way. Smoking for me is a time to relax and do nothing for that part of my day and I can never get in a workout mindset when I partake. I also wont smoke that day until I'm done with my workout, because sometimes I can get into a lazy spell and not go and I'll be kicking myself later for it.

    Interesting points Brenjin, thanks for that.
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    indicas do have value because of their physical effects. Using indicas after damaging workouts can help ease pain, etc. Sativas, on the other hand, can psyche one up before a workout and help focus, wherever you might need it, on whatever aspect of your fitness related lifestyle.

    Vaporizing is best, but even that has a few problems. You want a high quality vaporizer, like a volcano, one where sucking in the vapor is not so stressful on the lungs. I think in that respect, the volcano is far better than these shitty whip models that are being peddled these days, some at exorbitant prices much more than they're worth. Globe dome vapes are also nice. Again, apparently there are a couple of threads I haven't gotten to yet discussing the merits of each technology.

    Regardless, I think, though, you still have to be careful with vaporizing. In my medical experience, vaporizing has the potential to hijack your lungs and your heart. These organs are the keys, the essential engines, of your exercise. If you somehow interfere with them fundamentally, that, of course, negates any advantages garnered from use. I mean, with a true heart of passion and lungs, you can go very far in life and exercise. Hijack it and you're castle walls will turn to sand at the touch of a hummingbird, or something like that. I mean... just sayin.'

    Do what you please, that just seems to be my perspective as a serious athlete.

    Now, as for edibles, I think that might have its benefits. You need a steady supply of herb, and, preferably, some plant essence (i.e. hash, etc.), for good calibration and recipe-ination of your edible concoctions. Despite my admonitions against respiratory intake, I think mmj has a lot of value to, for example, bodybuilders and the oral intake can be done really effectively. Indicas, sativas, etc.

    And, yah, as far as eating goes (i.e. junk food temptations), you just gotta get in your healthy eating habits: milk, vegetables, whole grains, proteins. If you have an extraneous desire for eating something, either control it, or acknowledge that something is imbalanced about your diet and that you're body is craving something, unconsciously, the need for which you are not meeting, and this un-satisfied unconscious desire source is manifesting itself in the form of splurging, perhaps, on junk foods that, nonetheless, don't satisfy.

    Remember, the elements of a proper diet work together (synergy to manage taste experience)--that creamy proteinous and slightly sugary white milk; the life giving, therapeutic vegetable greens; those wholesome, equally medicinal, and very calming, natural and calibrating whole grains (oh, like fresh brown rice, etc.); and finally, meeting your protein needs. Of course don't forget vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. If you don't meet those needs, that'll again be an unconscious source of chaos which might manifest itself in poor forms lest you satisfy the true needs

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