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MMJ and Your Kids

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by pinkpipe, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Have any of you dealt with explaining mmj to your children? Obviously it needs to be an age-appropriate discussion with just the info they need. I've read 'It's Just a Plant', and I agree with it, but it is real medicine for many of us. If any of you have experiences, please share!
  2. My girls are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 so we haven't had too much talking with them. #1 knows that mommy likes to have a 'smoke' now and then, but not cigs cause they're yucky. I've told her that it's a medicine and that it's something that adults enjoy, and when she's an adult she can decide to try it or not.

    They're going to be around it all their lives, especially now that we are growing, hopefully I'll have a regular stash...right now it's sporadic when I get a baggie...depending on budget. I'm interested to see how people with older kids have dealt with it. :D

    My only real concern about kids knowing that I smoke is the wagging tongues. A five year old will say anything. :rolleyes: And while I can raise them with the truth about cannabis, the world hasn't clued in just yet. :(
  3. That is my concern, too. My 3 1/2 year old understands that it's Mommy's medicine. She thinks it smells gross, so she won't get near any edibles or stash jars. (They get stored out of reach, anyways.) To her, it really is just another plant. She doesn't think it is strange at all to grow plants in your closet, bathroom, etc. Kids that age don't have any prejudices.

    The wagging tongue really is the issue. You don't want to scare the kid and make them think that Mommy or Daddy are doing anything wrong. But how do you keep them from telling random people? My daughter told a big group of people at party that I have a garden in my closet. I played it off and explained that she planted veggie seeds in one of my aerogardens, and we moved it upstairs for her.
  4. Ooh, party conversation piece...or not. Never mind prejudices, I don't want anyone knowing I have them, I'm more afraid of rip offs than anything else, lol.

    The in laws are coming up for Easter...I hope she doesn't bring it up...I'll have to be extra careful she doesn't see me in that she forgets they're there. ;)
  5. Am I missing something?

    Btw, by prejudices I meant that to little kids it is just another plant. It's just medicine. That is, until someone teaches them differently.

  6. I must be missing something too.

    And yes, it's the prejudices of people who buy into reefer propoganda that's the issue. My kids will know the truth about marijuana, and they won't know prejudice (about anything) until someone else tells them. :(
  7. This isn't a medical sort of "tale," if you would, because marijuana is still completely illegal here, no decriminalization even. Both my parents smoked my whole life, never out in the open, always in their room. But I knew they did it when i was about 7-8, because when we were hungry we used to knock on their door(locked, of course) and asked them when they would make dinner. They always used to say "soon" and would come out 20 minutes later. I was always able to smell it through the door, and my older sisters knew what it was and that they smoked marjiuana. And really I never cared that much. But when I was in 5th grade my dad had a little, what he thought, was going to be a heart-to-heart about it because of D.A.R.E classes. It was sorta funny, he sat me down and got all serious. And I just laughed and told him I was a lot smarter than to rat him out. And that seemed to be a good time, because I didn't get all the false propaganda yet. And then when I was 14 I started smoking a little bit with friends, and my mom was able to tell instantly when I came home.
  8. It's disheartening mmj patients have to worry about their children telling other persons about their medication, or even telling other people directly. The stigmas out there about mmj are so frustrating, and it would make it so much easier if parents didn't have to worry about it being some type of morally invasive issue to other people. I really do wish there was a widespread acceptance of mmj in lieu of these other meds that seem to have way more adverse effects than mmj ever could.

    Also, I think the aesthetic and scientific learning that can come along with mmj, and even cultivation, can realistically teach a child substantially more about nature (biology, botany, etc.) than a bottle of pharmaceutical meds. Not to mention the compassion and humanity that may be sponsored by teaching children about the types of people who really need mmj and the struggles they endure. Obviously open to interpretation, but definitely a point that shouldn't be ignored.
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    It is pretty sad. In my case, it is legal in our state to use medically. I have my recommendation and am following the law. My family knows, but I'm still discreet about it because of the social stigma and gray areas in the law. In fact, I worry more about my daughter saying something to a person we don't know well than our close family and friends. It does help that we live in CA, and the majority of adults support medicinal marijuana.

    You're right about the life lessons a child would be able to learn. I believe in keeping the old time skills going whenever possible. We do some canning, sewing, making soaps, etc. Children could learn a lot just by studying and growing this one plant. From basic seed sprouting and plant care with little children to soil composition, politics, chemistry, law, etc. with teens.
  10. Butterbear, some good points, especially about the learning opportunities. We're homeschoolers, and it's definitely something I'll think about. We also try to avoid modern pharmaceuticals, so there are lessons there about natural medicines, etc. :D

    I live in Canada, and it's been decriminalized here, if anything I would probably just lose the plants/equipment...dunno. People are pretty laid back about weed in general here, TONS of people smoke and a bunch more are fine with it, and I am extremely grateful for that.
  11. My husband uses tobacco. :( He rolls his own or sometimes uses a pipe. We never hid our cannabis use. Mom just preferred her own brand and shared with Dad. Because of the pipe and my hubby's enjoyment of various pipe tobaccos, odor was never an issue.

    By the time they figured it out, the kids were smart enough to consider it a family secret, about on par with "Dad walks around in his underwear sometimes". Just something you didn't talk about, but no big deal. :p We didn't deal, or smoke in risky places. We lived quietly and our connections were close friends back then, so arrest was unlikely.

    Now with California's MMJ laws, I don't worry at all. :hello: I grow my own in a closet and my "dealer" is a dispensary (sometimes I just like a new flavor).

    This fall, we have the chance to have over 50% of the states with MMJ- we won't get them all, of course, but every state is a victory! Even just getting it on the ballot is a victory! Back when I started using medicinally, there was no such thing as medical marijuana! A single joint could get you LIFE in some states! :eek: We have come a long way, but we ain't THERE yet!

    Hey, are all of you registered to vote? We NEED you voting this fall! :D

    Granny :wave:
  12. We're voting for sure. I've also sent letters to our representatives.
  13. When I led brownies when my daughter was in them one girl who's mother was there went up to a little girl and said, "My mommy buys pot from your daddy." The mother was all flustered but just told her daughter, "Remember you are not supposed to say that. You could get mommy in trouble." The kids were about 7.

    I am going to be getting my recommendation soon, so I needed to tell my adult children about it. I was pretty nervous but it all went well. My oldest (27) smokes pot and so was cool with it. My second child just became a mormon, so I was cautious. But he said just don't do it around the kids. My third said, I have friends who smoke and was fine with it. My youngest, who is very proud of his drug free status at 19, said just don't try getting me into it, like I would.

    And my husband is very supportive. He tried mary jane as a teenager and got paranoid and said farewell to her. But he is cool for me using weed to help me with my medical problems. I smoked for three years in high school and when I moved to Hawaii I was in an isolated rural community, so I couldn't find any, so I stopped. I tried it two years ago and took two weak hits and I was up in smoke. Boy do I have a low tolerance! I am looking forward to smoking again. Next time the senate meets they will be deciding if we get dispenseries or not WHOO HOO! I am looking forward to that and watching all of the happenings at the polls in November.

  14. It's my medicine, and that's all my 3.5 year old needs to know. We make it very clear that it's not for her, and since she doesn't really know what it is, it's not an issue.

    We'll be very careful with it around her as she gets older.

    But I grew up in a household of stoners, so I really don't see it being much of a big deal.
  15. How do you explain why we don't want to tell everyone about it to the littler ones? I think that is the toughest part. They understand it is medicine and to not touch, but they don't see why we don't want them telling everyone.
  16. I don't smoke around my children at all. They see the plants, but don't see any difference from those, to the vegetables we grow, we just say the truth, it's an herb.
  17. LOL, this one kid at a party put a pot on his head and said "IMMA POT HEAD"
  18. I would have loved to have been at that girl scout meeting. That's one of those situations that takes the words right out of your mouth. :)
  19. Why not grow outdoors in a vegetable garden? Then the kids won't know any difference in that or anything else you have. By the time a 3 year old is 13-14, mmj will be much more widespread.
  20. It's a fabulous idea, and I can't wait to take advantage of it. In a few years when we build our house, I'm going to make sure there's not only room for a garden, but somewhere reasonably out of sight for a outdoor grow. :D

    But row houses with no fenced yards and a postage stamp back babies will have to stay in the closet. :p

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