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MMJ and room mates?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by jay6776, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Hey blades, 'tis been a long time!

    Ive been moving around alot, and have recently settled in a really spiffy roommate situation.
    thing is, the guy on the lease said "you can drink- thats legal. if you're going to do anything illegal, do it outside"

    In my state, Medical is legal.

    if i get a script (i already met with the doc and gave him my records-i know i', getting it)
    does this give me the right to my medicine?

    more importantly, could they somehow get in trouble? none of them smoke.

    edit: not neccessarily smoking IN the house, that could be percieved as inconsiderate. i mean
    being medicated while in the house.
  2. I think this is an issue you should take up with your roommates.

    Yeah, in one sense you're legal since you're in a state that has recognized marijuana as a legitimate source of medicine. But in federal law, we're all still considered illegal.

    My suggestion is to make sure the roommates know that. As far as them getting in trouble, as long as you keep it in your room like in your dresser or whatever, I don't see how they could get caught with it. About smoking inside, maybe first ask them if cigs are ok. If yes, then how can they say no to weed? If not, then I wouldn't even mention it again.

    And being medicated in the house? Of course you can, unless you act like some goof-off when you're high. Most of the time people won't even know I'm high until they ask.
  3. Just talk to them and explain their situation, tell them youll keep your smoking outside unless its okay with them that you smoke in designated areas inside and have fans or whatever to blow it outside to keep the smell from spreading around the house.

    There is no possible way for them to get in trouble for you having weed in your room, as long as you claim all of it and dont have ridiculous amounts. also if they have scales or anything drug related in their rooms that wont really warrant proof of them using it but it could make it worse for you
  4. yeah, thanks, i know about the scales and baggies (i keep two jars, indica and sativa, and thats IT)

    gahhhh i dont like confrontation X.X
  5. Just smoke away from the building and don't act really annoying when your high and there shouldn't be a problem. Follow the same rules you would for cigarettes and you'll be fine.
  6. Just relax, man. I'm in a dorm, neither of my roommates smoke; I just keep a fan on my desk by the window and puff there. It'd be a different story if you were unfortunately smoking ciggies and trying to conceal it.
  7. just a quick heads up to those telling him to smoke outside - if he's trying to do it legally, i know that at least in my area you have to smoke in the privacy of your own home.
  8. but what if it's in my yard?
  9. Last time I heard smoking is illegal but being high isn't, as long as your not operating a vehicle. If your high you can walk up to a cop and talk to them, just don't be stupid, and dont carry it with you while doing it. So I'd say being high inside is no big deal...
  10. hmmm, im pretty sure even if youve got a card you cant smoke it openly outside, much safer to stay inside.
    tell them its legal for you, youve got a legit reason, ect
  11. If it's on your own yard, that's still your own property. You should be able to smoke in the front lawn or in the backyard.
  12. I'm not sure it's necessarily YOUR property if you're renting a room, considering you can be kicked out by the landlord at any given time (and evicted if you don't GTFO). I don't know what the law says, but to be on the safe side I'd just keep it indoors where you're not in plain view of the entire neighborhood.

    As far as the roommates go, just be up front with them and ask if they're comfortable with it, explain why you use it, and explain the MMJ situation (if they aren't already clear on it). If they don't want you using, it's probably best not to, since they could just as easily rat you out and then you're fucked. Hopefully they're cool like my roommates are. I also hope my roommates will be cool with me growing a couple plants once I get my card. :smoke:

  13. I was saying that in terms of the police. If a cop passes by and you're smoking a joint while sitting on the front porch, I hardly think the cop's gonna stop his or her car and say something to you.

    Right now I'm renting a room, but it's a friend's house so it's pretty chill. We smoke indoors all the time, but sometimes you just want to go outside and smoke. So yeah, I'll go right in front of the house and smoke a blunt if I wanted to. Keep in mind, I have my medical documentation on hand at all times.
  14. I have had many battles with my room mates who believe cannabis is the devil or something. I dont smoke in the house but I come home often smelling of it. They freak, but I just ignore it since I did nothing wrong. At the same time it is ok for the hypocrites to walk around puffing on cigarettes and spitting dip everywhere. I dont say shit, and I am allergic to tobacco products.:mad: Sometimes it sucks, but just sit him down and express yourself on the issue.

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