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MMJ And Epididymitis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by shloopie, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Hellow GC. I have chronic pain in my testicals that can only be explained by chronic epidydimitis. I went to the ER 2 times because the pain was so bad a few times i thought i might lose a testical. The problem is.. the doctors i went to really gave me almost no information on this. One doctor told me it might be something called a hydroceal and he would have to cut me open and do a bunch of crazy stuff to fix it, then told me to call back next time the pain got to bad again. Ofcourse the pain is still here(its useually mild but sometimes gets really bad for a day or 2), about a year and a half later. I havent contaced him because I looked up symptoms and it sounds way more like chronic epiditymitis then hydroceal. I think I will always have this condition because ive had it since i hit puberty. So basically i have mild to sever pain in my testicals all the time. Smoking helps alot and I want to know if I should apply for a MMJ card for my pain. Does anyone know if I even qualify? And if I do what would be my first step towards attaining my card? Please help!
  2. And they are sure this is not testicular cancer? If it still hurts, I'd go to a urologist (not an ER doctor).

    As far as medical cannabis goes, that depends on what state you are in. In most states, even if you qualify, you will need to go back to the doctor anyway,in order to get up to date documentation on your qualifying condition.
  3. I live in California.I have been checked for cancer. This is no concern. I have perfect blood flow in both sides, and had ultrasounds. The doctors found nothing but .I have seen a urologist already and he was the one who told me about the hydrocele thing. Hydroceles are more common in infants than teens-adults. The symptoms do match up for the most part except the fact that im not sure if hydroceal can cause an inflamed epi. Either way, I am 99% sure my condition is not life threatening because i have had it for so long now and it never changes to much. I personally believe that it is a problem with urine getting into my testicals somehow. I read in a few different places that some people have chronic pains because of this. For the most part everything feels perfectly normal down there, its just a little sore on the back of my testicals. And sometimes one side or both may get a little swollen and hurt worse then normal, but just for a day or 2 maximum. This happens randomly.
  4. With recent records documenting your chronic pain condition, you can most certainly get a rec in California.:)
    Glad they have checked it out carefully, sorry you have that discomfort.

  5. Whether or not you seek out MMJ, you should really consider getting a second and even third opinion from different urologists, not just family doctors. I wouldn't feel safe with a self-diagnosis, and neither should you.

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