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MMJ and Bruxism?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by quintosis, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. After going to the dentist for my scheduled teeth cleaning for a 3rd time and finding cavities that need to be filled, my hygienist finally mentioned something about bruxism which is constant grinding of the teeth. She said I could remedy this by getting some kind of surgery on my palette which sounded completely unappealing. I have tried wearing a mouthpiece to stop myself from grinding my teeth in my sleep, but I always seem to spit it out as soon as I pass out. Recently it has begun to affect my jaw as well because my right side of my mouth pops every time I open it fully.

    I began to look for home remedies and came across a MMJ website that listed bruxism as a treatable condition. I was just curious as to if anyone has had any success obtaining a card for this because my teeth are seriously taking a beating and I would love to not see huge dental bills in my mail every six months and to eventually have the popping in my jaw go away. (I live in Arizona if that makes any difference)
  2. From what I have heard, AZ is stricter on cards then CA is. Basically, you need to find a DR. that is sympathetic to your condition and your desire for MMJ. That's all I can really say. Some might say you are a joke and laugh, so research local dr's and reviews and stuff. Go ask some doctors if you're really interested
  3. Ok, I just wanted to avoid surgery and I guess I will deal with the cavities if I can't get a card.
  4. honestly, if you have any way of afording medical care, I'd just get it done so your teeth are healthy for the rest of your life and not hurting. Then smoke to ease the pain of surgery (or whatever). If you can't afford medical attention, just hunt for a doctor that will approve you, that's the toughest part, but once you're done you're done
  5. I can afford the medical care, but my past experiences with surgery haven't exactly been great. From what I have heard it will help put me into a deeper sleep and the grinding will stop stop occurring.
  6. I wish I could afford medical care for my maladies. I'd get it done asap, just cuz one time it was uncomfortable, but it always depends on the dr and staff. Don't wait til you can't afford care, get it done

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