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MMJ and airports

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wb21, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I have my mmj card i was wondering how to get it through the airport?
  2. You don't...Ever, those fuckers shove their hands so far up your ass you can't even get it through there. Better chance getting it through prison.:cool:
  3. They aren't going totake your card, but they will probably give you the full spa treatment.
  4. Speaking of...I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.:cool:
  5. what about taking edibles through?

  6. Eat the edible before you go through security and hope you get on the plane before the matrix begins.
  7. Taking weed through the airport is like fucking a brick. You may eventually find a hole, but in the end the pain and humiliation isn't worth it.
  8. put it in someones bag.. then if it makes it...get it on the other side....

    /sarcasm off..

  9. I'm going to use this analogy in the future. If I can remember that is.. :smoke:
  10. so i should just drive and bring it hidden in the car? lol
  11. I can imagine it would be fine if your brought a 'pb&j' sandwich with you in your carry on along with other normal food, they wouldn't suspect it.

    ('...' meaning weed infused)

  12. Mind if I sig this?
  13. bring a few normal looking items like a backpack and such then have maybe some hollowed out markers in their or in the back of your backpack inside the back poket just cut a hole and stick your weed in there then used black tread and sow it back up i have done this twice and no one suspected a thing also dont have any metal on you so they dont have to take longer meaning they search ur bag less
  14. ive gotten in and out of the airport safely several times and even from a cruise ship to a plane to home i smuggled an 8th from jamaica ground up in different things, and then recently from Puerto Rico i brought 2 grams my one hitter in the spot for bud lol..i was nervous but did it and the Jamaican shit was worth it :p
  15. put the weed in your mouth and talk as little as possible.
  16. airports are considered federal property so your MMJ card doesn't apply.

  17. when i came back home from holland i flew from amsterdam, to dulles, to denver to omaha.

    what i didn't realize is a i had about 2 gs in a baggie in a pair of jeans.

    didn't find out until i put the jeans on, hand in pocket and pulled out a pleasant surprise
  18. Go for it.

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