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MMAR in Canada

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 101007, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hi, i'm a patient, with cancer related issues, who sent in his MMAR forums about 2 months, ago, i was wondering how long do you think it would take to get the card, or forums ? I know that the holiday's back mail up and such, but how long did anyone wait for there MMAR licences?

    Also, I live in Toronto , and heard that the MMAR marijuana is of poor quality ( makes sense as its $5/gram), and theres dispencary's ( or compassion clubs), but how long would a membership take to get there, since i read if you have your MMAR papers, its easier to get, and the other option is to get papers from your doctor, who is unfortuanty on holiday's?

    My last question is for anyone that does go to any toronto compassion centres, and if they do , is there any recommandaions, i would like to purchase extracts if i could, as i could minimize smoke consumption, while getting the benifits of the product.

    Any anwsers are helpful, or if this was asked post a link, i checked but if anyone has a good link to anwsers or helpful hints, all is welcome.
  2. It took me about 12 weeks to get mine. They will send you out a pink form (legal size, which makes it difficult to keep with you unless you fold it up) Once you get your pink slip it is a good idea to request another copy that you can keep at home, unfolded, as it will begin to deteriorate from being in your wallet and folded/unfolded (For this you will need to fax them a hand written letter requesting a new copy). They havent been issuing the cards for awhile now so dont hold your breath for one. As for a compassion center in Toronto, check out the Toronto Compassion Center website and print off, fill out, and send in the membership forms. I am not sure if we can post links so just google it. Hope this helps.

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