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  1. I was wondering around the net today when I ran across a page that kept my attention.

    It's kind of long, but is pretty alarming!

    Rendering plants have a gross job that not many of us really think about. But that shit goes right back into pet food and food for the animals that we eat!

    Not just the dead and rotting bodies, but plastic from packaging of expired meats from the store shelves and ear tags of cattle, pesticides from wild animals who have eaten from sprayed land, plastic bags from the vet, and even pets pushed into the grinders with their flea collars still on. Oh, and we can't forget about the millions of maggots that are feeding on the rotting carcasses in the rendering plants before they go into the grinder. And the drugs used to kill pets who are being "put to sleep" are unaffected by the cooking process.

    How gross!

    I've got to start thinking about something else before I vomit.

    I know it has really nothing to do with pot. But isn't that scary?
  2. That shit is nasty! I am glad i grow most of the food i eat.

    You can never know what you are eating when you buy processed food!
  3. Heh heh. Sorry for the rude awakening. I work nights so it's actually about mid afternoon for me at 8:00 AM.

    mmmmmmm malignant tumor mash. Probably could sell that shit as a delicacy all by it's self.


    Another reason this is making my stomach turn so violently.....

    I used to gross out my friends by eating pretty much any cat or dog food that was presented to me. (Moist or dry)

    I don't even think they knew why they were grossing out over. I never suspected it was rendering factory waste that was in it! Kind of tastes like fatty crackers to me. lol

    And the canned food with meat chunks? I can just IMAGINE what is actually in that shit!

    And what really is in those hot dogs, bologna and sausage anyway? I never really did know that for sure.

  4. now what do i do starve my cat?
    i couldn't even finish the entire article :(
    i was just reading about cat foods that have no animal byproducts in them, but according to this article even vegetable protein sounds shady!
  5. That's what I'm wondering! I guess we're just supposed to start feeding them people food.

    All of the cat and dog foods that I've looked at say something to the effect of "animal meal" in the ingredient list.

    Like the article said, it's just not possible to sell a 40 pound bag of food for $10 and have it be made from choice cuts.

    But man! It seems like they'd be able to find another source!

    Sakes alive! I've eaten cooked maggots and opossum bones. I'm sure they don't empty out the digestive tract so there's got to be SHIT in there too.

    Man, that is gross!
  6. I'm trying to eat lunch and read this post. There is no way in hell I'm clicking over to any other links if they are as gross as this post.

    BTW what was the name of the Charlton Heston movie back in the 70's wasn't it called 'Soilant Green'. You know it's where he says that line "It's people, it's made out of people."
  7. correctimundo BPP

  8. Looks like he got both of us. lol.
  9. Yeah, there are a few gross things that I left out.

    "The popping of bones and squeezing of flesh are sounds from a nightmare you'll never forget."

    It's certainly cause for concern. I've been looking for more gross things about the food we might eat, but nothing has beat the rendering goo.

    I just can not even imagine what these places smell like.

    They say that meat unfit for human consumption are to be "denatured". Things like fuel oil, kerosene, charcoal, and a few other nasty sounding things are approved for denaturing of meat.

    Toss that shit to the grinder. And it's only cooked at 200 and something degrees!

    We don't even cook our "good" meats at that low of a temp, and it's not piled with maggots and bacteria (or flea collars). I just can't believe that the rotting carcasses alongside the road are turned back into food.
  10. Imagine your beef steak as it is poked and prodded up a chute into a building of wood,steel and concrete. The odor of death traveling by force through the air surrounds you,,it is your turn through the door. You are greeted by a slam in the center of your forehead where a steel pin has just created a hole the size of a dime,and 2 inches long into your brain.Before you slip into the darkness ahead you can feel the steel chains around your ankles as you are somehow hoisted into the air ,,ankles up..Without rest a piercing is felt at our neck as you slip away into darkness...your blood drains onto the warmed by death concrete floor,, the cutting begins,and soon your hide will be ripped of like tape..

    I'll stop there..but just imagine welding stainless,,or the gut auger,,while trying to keep the rush of "jello barf - like" blood,guts lungs,urine,milk etc..out of your weld..

    All the lungs,udders,organs,infected parts,other scraps unfit for human consumption,are powdered with charcoal and sent off for dog food,,,,yep,,charcoal...think about all that when fido is fed...

  11. Well, at least we know we can use our pet food for heating or cooking.

    It's weird how the ingredients in pet (and livestock) feed are almost not even monitored.

    All of those chemicals and contaminants (like lead, cadmium, Dursban, etc) are fed to our pets, and to animals that we eat.

    I can handle the killing and all that. (Hey, somebody has to kill it) I just can't handle the thought of the road-kill and all those contaminants getting into our food chain.

    Scary shit!

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