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Mm For Ocd, Bipolar Disorder, And Regular Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hprulz123, May 28, 2013.

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    I have pretty severe OCD. I've been on medication for a while now. I've very close to max dose, but it's not really working. It's the most potent stuff allowed for teens too. And that combined with therapy has hardly made a dent.

    Beside OCD, I have bipolar disorder and just normal anxiety... A lot of it. The bipolar stuff is almost completely smoothed out; it's just a little rough around the edges. But the anxiety is still really high.

    So, if you have any experience with this stuff and weed please reply.
  2. i've found weed to heighten pre-existing anxiety disorders from experience so I wouldn't recommend it in that regard but for OCD and bipolar, it would help significantly to use a CBD extract or some form of edible.
  3. Weed cant and never will cure any mental health problems. all it can do is mask the symptoms. you will still have your problems except they'll just be supressed but i do think weed is better and healthier than the medications. to cure it you need to fix the actual problem which is in your head you need to sort out that shit which makes you have ocd and anxiety.

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