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MJ's impact on sleep

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by redheadedtoker, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. My proposal for my psychology term paper is the effects of cannibus on sleep, any links to studies or videos would be greatly appreciated. I wanna write a good paper so I had to ask here first.
  2. I dont have any studies, but when you dont have weed, getting to bed on time is a bitch.
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  4. First link in my sig- scroll down to "SLEEP MODULATION".

    Granny :wave:
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    Well nothing official or anything, but I can give you myt exp with pot and sleep. I am an everyday, several times a day smoker, only smoke bongs (for the most part). After 20 years of this, I quit for 3 1/2 months while searching for a job. I had no problems quitting as far as withdrawal or anything like that. But what I did run into was I lost the ability to sleep, completely. I would toss and turn and not sleep a minute.

    This was not for a few days, or a weeks, but for the entire time. My doc prescribed me 3 different sleeping pills, none of which worked. They would get me groggy but my body would fight through it and stay awake. After 3 different sleeping pills (about 2 months now since I quit, he finally prescribed me a zannax like pill, I forget the exact name. THIS is what let me sleep. So it turns out that it wasn't me not being tired, but my body would not shut down enough to allow me to sleep. The Zannex allowed me to relax enough to sleep.

    But I did not want to be hooked on zannies to sleep. At this time i had NO idea it was because of the pot. I have never in my life suffered from insomnia, so this was driving me insane. I ran out of zannies about a week into my new job (now over 4 months since i smoked). I did not want to ask for a refill. So I decided it was safe to smoke again. I took 2 hits from a bong, and was asleep 10 minutes later. Ever since that night ( 2 1/2 years ago now), even if I don't smoke all day long, I take a bong hit before bed and I can fall asleep in minutes.

    So almost 4 months of not sleeping after giving up MJ daily use for 20 years, and the result was insomnia. I would much rather have a daily MJ habit than a prescribed zannie habit. Its the only "physical" reaction I have ever had from quiiting smoking pot.
  6. Thanks Guys, once again I am not disappointed. like that bing commercial LOS LINKS!! lol:cool:

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