Mj Use In Va Hospitals?

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    Can anyone verify this for me??
    The Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune editorial board on Monday,  and  in the editorial that came from the interview was this quote:
    ""First, he brought up the fact that military veterans - a group that he has long and vigorously championed - are particularly strong proponents of medical marijuana, in part because many feel it is of great value in coping with post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs formally allowed its patients to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in hospitals and clinics located in states where such use is legal.""
    If this is true, it bring to mind several questions:
    1. Shouldn't the DEA be raiding the VA hospitals??
    2. Shouldn't the DOJ be sending letter to the hospital landlords, threatening to take the property??
    3. If this is true, why aren't we (or NORML or MPP, or ASA) shouting this from the roof tops???

  2. They are not recommending, producing or delivering marijuana,,they are ignoring any marijuana in a veterans system in states where mmj is legal.
    OK....the way the quote is worded.....it sounded like the vets were actually using MMJ in the hospitals....
  4. I would deffinetly like to know more about this as it directly effect's me.i cannot find any info on it.other then what was said here.
  5. Armory,,I remember putting a thread up on it last summer I think,,seems like it was from Norml
  6. I have a friend, here in Az, that had blood drawn at the VA. The Dr asked him why there was marijuana in his system. He replied for pain control, Dr said good keep it up. :smoke:

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