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  1. I have long wanted to grow MJ but of the people that I know who do, fully half have been busted or are paranoid to the point of not being able to have a good time at their own place. I fully intend to start growing at some point but what really fascinates me is the variety of methods people use to bring a MJ crop to fruition. What I want is to be able to perfect my equipment and method/ choose the right equipment and method without opening myself to the dangers of actually growing marijuana.

    Is there a plant that is like MJ in terms of plant structure (stem strength, canopy width, leaf size etc.) and consumption (of water, nute balance, PH, soil, etc.). I know that hops are the closest living relatives to MJ, but they are a vine and don't give me a close enough approximation to the structure of the MJ plant.

    I don't need an exact mach, just some help getting close so I can have my fun without actually growing pot.
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  2. ummm what? u have confused me.
  3. Tomatoes
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  4. What he said. :smoking:
  5. Mint plants, Fruit trees
  6. Bagseeds. :D
    (just kidding!)
  7. fixed
  8. Catnip can work also, but tomatoes are a time-honored plant to use this way.
  9. First yes all those are those plants are good for general horticulture. But none answer his question "Is there a plant that is like MJ in terms of plant structure (stem strength, canopy width, leaf size etc.) and consumption (of water, nute balance, PH, soil, etc.). "
    Tomatoes, mint, catnip and fruit trees do not fit into that category. You are looking for a plant with apical dominance (the pine tree shape), a tall growing annul. Soil ph, nutrient, soil composition. The only plant's that I have found that grows the closest to cannabis is quinoa. If grown properly should reach heights of 6 feet. But in ideal conditions will grow to 9 feet or so. Will just stop growing if temps get over 95 degrees. Ideal Ph 6.1. Responds to LST, Topping, FIMMing the same. Grows one main cola wit the side branches reaching up with smaller colas. Does not like super cropping though. Grows fast 4 months its done. Also the leaves can be eating like lettuce or spinach. The seeds are the most common. Boil serve in stead of rice, it also has the most protein of any seed. Seeds are cheap plentiful, you can also selectively breed them. They also show several different colors ranging from red, pink, purple, blueish, grey, white, golden. Very stunning visually when you have 20 or so going. Also makes a good cover crop. Hope that answers your question properly. Thanks for asking a good question.
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  10. Uh,I change my mind...

    What he said. Haha. :smoking:

    Dirty, that is a nice tid bit of info. Learn new stuff everyday here at GC.
  11. ha!! :)
  12. Thanks Dirty, I googled Quinoa and you are right, it is "visually stunning". Like Two-One said, you learn something new every day here. Thanks for the response, it was exactly what I was looking for. :hello:

  13. Did you ever attempt to Grow the Quinoa? I recently got busted growing cannabis (illegal search and seizure tho, thank god!) but can not risk another run in with the law. For now I just have a serious itch to grow and still have a lot of (all i will need) equipment...was looking at tomatos, but this sounds interesting. Any thoughts from anyone?
  14. Thank you i was wondering the same.

    let's keep this post alive this is a Relic.

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