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Discussion in 'General' started by crazy-in-love, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. So I threw out some regular mids seeds a month ago out of my window. Now I have realized there seems to a plant growing. It looks like MJ, but I am not sure. What are some ways to know it is MJ.

  2. post some fucking pictures
  3. Aiight, fuck give me 2 mins. Pictures coming up fool.
  4. why are people all of a sudden posting grow topics in general?
    theres a grow section below this and pictures would help.
    hope its a girl too!
  5. I am just trying to get an opinion. People in the grow topic are mad lazy to even bother posting back.
  6. It's difficult to tell which plant you are pointing out, but nothing there looks like weed. The plant in the first pic is 100% not weed, the second pic is too blurry.
  7. the first one looks liek a baby oak tree and teh second one looks like a three leaf clover maybe poisen oak, doesnt look like any marijuana plant to me bro.
  8. I threw a lot of seeds out, I was hoping something would have grew. Fuck it.

    You could be right.
  9. You gotta germinate the seeds first Einstein, plants just don't magically grow unless there given the right conditions.

  10. oh shit what ever did plants do when they didnt have humans to germinate and give them the right conditions:rolleyes::p


  11. photosynthesis - the way by witch plants make sugar from light, carbon dioxide, and water.

    Becasue theirs only dirt water air and sun where you threw them seeds... Your missing that other stuff.

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