Mj Moms Think Pot Makes Them Better Parents

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    Meet the Marijuana Moms, a group of Beverly Hills women who believe that smoking, drinking and eating weed makes them better parents. Bet legislators didn't have gourmet marijuana dinner parties in mind when they legalized the medical use of the drug. Watch Cheryl Schuman serve up a classy meal featuring cannabis-infused chicken piccata, mashed potatoes with cannibutter and salad tossed with fresh cannabis. Then she breaks out the special stuff for a post-feast toke. As for Cheryl's entrepreneurial idea of pot-laced coffee shops? Bet she'd have zero trouble raising funds if she floated the plan on Kickstarter.
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    That's one fucking family man! Jesus God almighty if that was my mom I'd be one happy son of a god damn bitch! 
  3. So smoking with your parents is cool. Consider me the lebron James of smoking parents. Both mine and my inlaws blaze with me anytime we meet up. Alos 3/6 grandparents smoke with me as well it must be a ca thing
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    Lol, bruh its crazy how me & my mom always have petty beefs i always tell her if me & you juss smoke a joint we wouldnt have these problems. She dont be wit it!
  5. :yummy: damn i sure cold eat
    :smoking: :smoke: :bongin: :hippie:  :laughing: :cry: :hide: :confused_2: :bongin:

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