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MJ increases metabolism?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Newb-herber, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. I've heard from a few people who I smoke with and just hang out with that there is a theory about smoking herb increasing your metabolism via your body craving more food("munchies") if anything it seems like unless you feed your body your metabolism WILL NOT go up. Any insight?
  2. i actually think it does. a couple years ago, i smoked a TON and went on a diet and lost weight very fast. recently, i've been smoking a lot LESs and did the same diet, and the results wern't nearly as good

    so the moral of the story is: smoke pot, lose weight
  3. yeah, it does
  4. Definetly... it's what keeps me thin from eating alllll those munchies.
  5. I don't think it increases your metabolism, I believe it causes a slight drop in blood sugar which, in response, makes you crave munchies.
  6. eating more frequently (definitely pot-helped) and in more moderated portions (some eat til relatively full, some binge like hell) will raise your metabolism. i don't think getting high has a direct effect on metabolism.
  7. This is what I was thinking, unfortunately I'm pretty big(6'5" and 240) so when I get the munchies I get the munchies:mad:. The small munchie session makes sense, just as at any other time small snacks raise the metabolism. Thanks for your feedback thus far.
  8. there was a study done, marijuana affects an area of the brain that controls hunger-thats why you get the munchies. Marijuana does not increase your metabolism but when you smoke your body burns more calories due to the increased heart rate from holding hits and such.
  9. Drink some green tea while you're puffing the herb. Green tea is really good for you, speeds up your metabolism, and gets rid of cotton mouth.

    I think smoking weed could help you lose weight. Usually when I'm high, I take my time and savor every bite of food, which can help me not eat as much, but it can also make me eat more since it tastes so good.

    Depends on the person I guess...

  10. That's more or less probably because as you get older your metabolism slows naturally. I don't think it increases your metabolism as much as people say. I think the effects are mostly unnoticable.

    But i'm not a doctor
  11. ive had a docter tell me that marijuana has the effect of mild exercise on the body, increased heart rate, shallow breathing all things associated with exercise i dont know if its true thats just what i was told
  12. yeah, it probably does increase your metabolism, but hardly...
  13. This seems plausable.
    I mean your heart rate does increase... damn gotta love that ganja. :smoking:
  14. so I could toot a buncha coke to prepare for a marathon?:hello:
  15. Well im no doctor, but check it...When i smoke and dont give into the munchies or just eat a normal dinner as scheduled...etc...the next day or two i lose a pound. So i think MJ has an affect on metabolism...maybe not directly...but it does somethin'.
  16. My new official diet is boobies and weed, I saw an article on or i forget which one but it said that looking at boobies for 10 min a day is like a 30 min cardio workout, that mixed with the holy leaf and lots of water and 3 servings of yougurt means lost pounds smokers unite.
  17. +rep because I haven't stopped laughing since I read this.
  18. That was prooved untrue on Braniac...

  19. LOL same here
  20. i eat shit tonnes of food when i get the munchies like heaps yet i stay thing.
    meh, whatever, keep smoking then :p

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