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MJ in prison?

Discussion in 'General' started by RC Flyer, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Now that MJ is legal in a couple of states, does this change the rules about being able to possess it in a state prison in those states?

    I know it doesn't but I can foresee this coming up in court at some point in time. Points/ideas, for and against?
  2. No way it would ever happen. A lot of states, If not all, don't even allow tobacco
  3. I didn't think they allowed cigarettes or alcohol in prisons even. I doubt they would allow marijuana, but prisons have a hard time keeping those things out of the building anyways.
  4. i never understood why tabacco was not allowed in prison whats da point???
  5. I don't understand why you think they would ever allow it, or why you think there would ever be a court precedent for it.

    Lots of things are legal and are not allowed in prison/jail. Why would weed be any different?
  6. People challenge laws all the time, some win some loose. Look at the shit our president is trying to do to us.

    It's a discussion not an argument.
  7. Uh huh, so why would the government allow prisoners to feel good in prison?
  8. If the prisoner has a Dr's prescription for ganja this could be an interesting court battle.

  9. They give them TV and better meals than school children, they don't have to work for a place to sleep, and a lot of them have gyms and recreational things outside.

    I'm sorry but if I was homeless I would commit a crime to go to jail, it's easy street on the backs of tax payers.

    I understand why prisons have these nice things though. I think it makes the government feel bad locking up sooooo many innocent people that they have to throw them a bone once in a while haha!

    Regardless you will find MJ in prisons, you can now, they do a poor job keeping that stuff out. It won't be allowed but it you will be able to find it with some resources.
  10. Not if it's federal prison lol, he ain't getting shit haha. State prison could honestly be another story, but it seems unlikely
  11. lol, yea all your info comes from what you've seen on TV. Trust me it's not all fun and games in prison. Maybe you're confusing jail with prison.
  12. My mom was on prison for a while. Dudes right. The people serving life sentences, it's like a vacation. Cable tv, microwaves/toasters. All that stuff
  13. Probably wont be. You want your tax money going to prison potheads?? Fuck that... And if you ever get locked up, don't smoke the weed man, remember it was up someone's ass lol....

  14. You're right, and I'm discussing it. Just because I'm dumbfounded by the question doesn't mean I'm trying to have an argument.

    MJ is not an essential human right. The changes that are made in prisons are to better maximize the human rights of those therein, and we've still got a long way to go in that regard.

    Compare and contrast the prisons of the early 1900s with the prisons of today to see what I mean.
  15. Anyone that thinks prison is like a vacation is full of it and is either very young in the mind, or reality hasn't hit you yet. Hope you never spend a day in prison. I have a friend doing 18 in state pen. I do get letters from the homie. Funny how his story differs from yours.
  16. I can agree that men's prison is probably a lot different than women's and that we're comparing apples to oranges
  17. I wouldnt smoke if i was in prison haha. Id do like coke and fuck people up. Im bot tryna get caught off gaurd stoned lol
  18. Why. the prisoners are all addicted to nicotine and heroin.

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