MJ in permaculture

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by mtngoat, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Learning about organic growing has pushed my quest for sustenance into the world of permaculture.

    Does anyone have any MJ in their ecological garden? Or use permaculture techniques?

    Pictures! Stories!
  2. Bump, because I'm very interested as well.
  3. I guess that my current grow would be considered permaculture based.

    Only using bacteria and a bit of guano.

    Don't have a homemade soil. :(

    I use Fox Farms which seems to work well for what I'm doing.
  4. This is true. All organic growing does use permaculture-type strategies, but I have my eye on more. Things like companion planting, mulching and water conservation, and lower maintenance growing overall. (imagine planting a dank forest with everything it needs to be free and wild!) Or just worked into your food garden.

    I saw this thread on another smaller forum and learned some cool stuff. One guy says he uses nitrogen fixing plants and a mostly banana compost (for P and K) and trace minerals of his own. Sounds organicly delicious!!
    Some plants such as chamomille and comfry are also known to increase oil content of nearby plants.

    Having a small cover of clovers over the roots to hold in water in a hot environment could be a good idea too.

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