MJ has changed me

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  1. I have only smoked MJ like 3 times maybe
    but the thing it has done is I am alot more talkative and I think in different perspectives now and I am alot more confident with women aswell.
    Before Smoking I used to be shy and when I was hanging around girls I would barely ever talk but now I could talk to them like I have known them for ages just like we are good friends.
    so has anyone else had experiences like these where you were shy but afterwards you were confident and talkative?.

  2. Cannabis just opened your eyes to the benefits of socializing
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    Actually, weed has just the opposite effect on me....
    but alcohol....... :yay:
  4. Its made me more open to new things, less judgmental I would put it. Like music for example, I tend to not judge the song by its genre or title but rather at the end of the song.   
  5. The wonders of marijuana
    It definately did man and I feel awesome that it did.
  7. Weed clears away all anxiety issues for me too, and it just takes a little for me to get chill.

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  8. and you will be a man, my son

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