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MJ for Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Marlin7, May 2, 2006.

  1. I would like to share my experience. My doctor recently prescribed me Xanax (Zanex?) for anxitey. I have also tried many other medications zoloft, kolinpin many many others. Some would even put me to sleep and make me feel like shit when. I have no anxiety problems when Im drunk but I dont want to be walking around drunk all the time.
    Never smoked weed much before so I decided to try it, before I go out to school, bars, date see friends ect...
    ...And I feel great when Im high, easy to talk to , relaxed very out going and no anxiety. What I like the most is being relaxed. Now I dont smoke it all the time just sometimes to relax and if I feel nervous or anxious.
    Prob 3 times a week. I am just a little concerned about my lungs because I am an athlete but well see. I may slowly stop using

    Now WTF is the difference between smoking weed and taking Xanax pills ect.. Some of these pills even fuck me up more than weed to the point of head aches and severe migranes. All these crazy pills are legal? And they can kill you too i bet if you took too much
  2. Yeah, Im 100 times a better person stoned, imo *sign of a true addict*. If i was you, I would ask my doctor for a legal marijuana card or whatever. I mean, it gets rid of stress and it COULD be legal, whats the worst that can happen?

  3. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I live in NY, I only wish!

  4. Really though the only difference is prices. I smoke at home so no worry of getting caught. I never smoked in high school and knew of about 10-15 dealers. It so ridicolous thats it virtually legal. As long as your not caught with pounds of it, I have never known anyone that got more than a ticket.
  5. yeah i know, i just like the idea of being able to smoke a fatty blunt in the kitchen as im making weed-scrambled eggs in front of my parents if i wanted to. =)

    god, i need an apartment =(

    Sounds like you can OD on Xanax, which puts MJ as a better medication imo, but I can't be certain. I agree that you should probably consult your doctor about aquiring this and ask if you can request a medical mj card in your state for anxiety. I don't think it constitutes the requirements however :(

    Check that out.

    Secondly, if you are an athlete, I highly recommend acquiring a medical grade vaporizer as this will definately not infringe any impairments on your lungs while still allowing you to consume cannabis for medicinal purposes.

    I recommend HotBox, Vapor Bros., or Volcano. They all vary in quality and price, but generally are acceptable for your cannabis consumption needs.

    I would definately consider cannabis as an alternative to Xanax if you are experiencing more positive effects while using cannabis than while using Xanax.
  7. Yep! i'm a whole different person when i'm high. Sober i'm a quiet, reserved thinker. With a little marijuana in the system, i become very open, sociable and quite hilarious if i say so myself. Nowadays i never go to a party without smoking a bowl beforehand. I used to be bored at most parties, now i have the time of my life. I used to be overanalytical always thinking of how to go about saying something before I say it or how to go up to a girl and what I should talk to her about. When your high, it's like none of that matters, everything is so smooth and natural.
  8. yea everytime i get mad or nervous i smoke a blunt and everything all my worrys just go away its great i would do it
  9. too bad about where you live bud :(

    I live in Cali and Anxiety Disorder is an acceptible use for Medical Marijuana.
    That's one of the reasons I have my green card.
  10. I also take xanax for anxiety attacks and i am also bipolar and i smoke weed. i would rather smoke weed than take my meds because i like to be mellow.:smoking: :bongin:
  11. I've got pretty severe anxiety and social anxiety. I've been on Zoloft only, but stopped that shortly, and never been back to the shrink since. But my sweet ganja definately helps my anxiety. It's amazing, it's like I'm a WHOLE new person. I just hope my state legalised medicinal marijuana, I'll be the first person to head back to my shrink to get one of those cards. Too bad I don't think HR departments give a shit about those cards, but atleast i don't have to worry about the cops!

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