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mj baked goods more efficent then smoking or just alot of weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WeeD BurPs, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. ya edibles get people ripped but people bake alot of weed when there making it. in a typical cookie theres like a gram or two. thats a fucking lot. if i smoked a gram straight in bong i would be pretty ripped. if i smoked two straight up i would be flying high.

    are baked goods overated? how does a gram in bong/pipe compare to a gram of baked good for you?
  2. yea its true but food is for those who...cant smoke, want to be in public, dont want to smell, dont want to get caught, etc.
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    ya eating fully has it positives, im just concentrating on the high feeling. is there a different feeling in general for eating? do different strains affect the high of the baked good.

    i want to make some canabutter so i want to if i should just smoke a half o or make sum butter. refrig it and cut it into little squares and just eat the butter whenever i want to get high. can i get high off very little canabutter considering its at normal/average amount of weed in the butter

    sry for questions. thx for answers
  4. I can help you by saying any time i have had an edible it lasts much longer... and i enjoy the high... i felt very warm and fuzzy if that makes sense

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