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MJ and IBS

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Misty, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. I have irritable bowel syndrome and MJ seems to calm my cramps and has reduced it to almost no cramps at all.
    I also have better stools now. This works better than all the meds I used for it.
  2. sounds like some shit to me!
  3. dirtydingus your signature is to long...
  4. yo dude my bowel is the same way i can easily get constapated and mj helps my cramps too :p although i may not get as constapated if i were to eat actual food and not all mints :p thats all i eat is mints man mmm mints and weed is all i need

  5. how long can it be again i always forget?

    fucking stoner...

    you know it wont let you post pics that are two big...

    i wonder if there i a way to do the same with sigs

  6. nope.... would just expect that users understand for the most part....

    at first when you said Mj and Ibs .... i thought you meant Itchy Ball syndrome.....

    but obviously not as i read further... yeah mj is very good to ease the stomach, thats part of why its given ot to many termanilly ill people :)

    btw i can't spell..

  7. hahaha you think you cant spell....lol

    have you read some of my dislecsic posts?
  8. hi folks, newbie here, but I have ibs too and pot does help!
  9. remembers the day i was tested and confirmed for ibs *shudders*
    and i do think it helps with cramps.

  10. I was tested a few days ago too. If im thinking of the same test, it was pretty bad, lol. I thought a snake had crawled into my stomach O_O
  11. sounds about right knucks, cept to get there, that snake hadta crawl somwhere id rather it had not,
  12. Thank god I dont remember that part, lol.
  13. do you mean to tell me i coulda been knocked out for that?....cause omg that sucked.
    or did you just block it from your memory :D

  14. LMMFAO!!! i knew what he meant but thats jus TFF!:smoking:

  15. Fortunately I didn't need those tests to get diagnosed.
    But whenever I have some bad cramps I toke up and it hurts less.

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