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MJ and high stress situations

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rainforestDAN, May 8, 2011.

  1. I cant help to wonder what would have happened if i wasnt high, when yesterday two guys in a motorcycle robbed me and 3 friends...

    (i bought a new bong on wednesday, on friday we bought an eight of bubblegum and smoked it, then we bought half an ounce of "jamaican" weed, and somked it all between us 4, that happened from 3 in the afternoon, to 11:45 in the evening)

    at 11;45 we were at my friends house and we decided(to get more weed!) we should go to my house(about 10minutes walking), the hood i live in is a bit dangerous but we took the chance, almost halfway this 2 guys in a bike came out of nowhere with a gun each, at that time i was still VERY high, my first reaction was running, i took 3 steps but then i stopped, when i looked back the guys had their guns to my friends head, i thought they were going to shoot, so i just sat on sidewalk looking to the ground, fortunately nothing bad happened, they took a couple of cellphones and a wallets.
    my point here is that ive been robbed before(twice), also with guns, BUT, i wasnt high and my reaction was calm and objective...

    so how do you behave with being high and having high stress situations?
  2. I'd just feel like my high was disturbed and would want to smoke again.
    Being high in general makes people more..feminine, lowers testosterone, ect.
    If I were in a high stress situation while I was high, I would probably behave less aggressively and be more quiet.

  3. Are you f*cking kidding, dude? So lemme get this straight, you got money to blow on a nice bong and tons of weed, yet you live in a hood where you constantly get armed robberies? Where the f*ck are you at, South Jamaica Queens?
  4. That's shitty dude, you really gotta avoid anything you feel deep in your gut may result in a sketchy situation (like buying weed at midnight on a street corner) might fall into this category.
  5. #5 OGKushBlazer, May 8, 2011
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    It's all about priorities, faget. :rolleyes:
  6. #6 rainforestDAN, May 8, 2011
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    haha! actually i live in costa rica, im from the country side, and now im living in the capital because im going to college...

    yea, i had a bad feeling during yesterday all day, but we were going to my house cause i had more there...
  7. costa rica? PURA VIDA MAE!!
  8. pura vida mae!!! :D have u been here bfore?
  9. damn bro that sucks sorry to hear that

    we got recently hit head on by a drunk driver while we were high and it kind of chilled us out because we didnt really panic...for once the law was on our side
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Superbad Clip 2[/ame]

  11. my dad was born in Golfito! i recently got my costa rican citizenship, so i'm a fellow costa rican now. i love that country, so beautiful, and the people are awesome. Golfito is so beautiful too! PURE VIDA MAE!

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