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Mj allows me to eat.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by sphinx13, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I did not start smoking for medical reasons, but in the past month or so I've been unable to eat meals. I'll start eating and about halfway through the meal I'll start getting really nauseous and sometimes even throw up. I went to the doctor, and they said I probably have a stomach ulcer and told me to take Prilosec. Well, it hasn't done anything, and really the only way I can eat right now is if I smoke first. Just thought I would share this with yall. I also just had oral surgery and can only smoke through my nose right now haha.
  2. I need to get high to eat to mayne..
    It's okay I like to stay high anyways :)
  3. lol i just pictured a dude snorting at a joint.

  4. Could this be due to dependency on being high to eat?

    Once when I drove 3 days without smoking I lost appetite, and threw up during some Chinese food. I tend to smoke before and after every meal.
  5. Its the weed, I used to always only feel hungry and eat when I smoked. Then I moved house and couldn't find a supply that first week I felt sick like I needed food but I just didn't want to eat for some reason. I didn't seem to enjoy it, I had to force myself to eat proper meals at the right time in the day and then I was sorted out after a week. But now i'm smoking again and i eat when i smoke again lol.

  6. this has happen to me several times. ill go 2 days without eating and feel like shit when i try to make myself eat. so i just blow until i get hungry. fuck it.
    gives me a reason to keep smoking. i need to eat.
  7. hmmm id be worried about a stomach virus, id go back to the doc and if hes cool try to hint that you only have an appetite on a certain herbal type of medicine
  8. My friend, best wishes. Since the meds you took did nothing, and this condition has existed for over a month, hmmm...maybe a second opinion? Early diagnostics are a wonderful thing.
  9. +1..haha
  10. I no almost no appitite w/o mj.
  11. Weed and food go hand and hand.
  12. i had surgery too, and i would get my friends to blow shottys through my nose.( WOW) haha it was bangin.
  13. and thats precisely how it goes down:D try it sometime you get high asfuck. its uncomfortable though:eek:
  14. same here, I eat enough to be mostly normal but when im high i actually eat full meals on time and shit.

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