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Discussion in 'General' started by thedanksta, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. ok off the topic........
    does anyone have any interesting mixed drinks that they invented or tried or like? mmmm alcohol... or whats ur favorite mixs?

    how bout mary jane mixs anyone thought of that? adding weed to liquior?

  2. Grain alcohol + kool aid = can't taste a thing yet it gets you drunkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  3. LOL i am so drunk and underage and my dad is just like gomme a hug... hahaha did he smel it rofl

  4. beer and megadeth are cool
  5. hahehe yeah dude rock on! toke one too
  6. 1)My fav mixxed drink by far is a lonmg island ice tea, it has
    Rum, Gin, Vodka, tequilla, and tripple sec. (you can buy a bottle of this) + sweet and sour mixer, tiny bit of coke for color and thats a LI ice tea. it tastes so much like lipton ice tea or somthin that u can drink it fast not even knowing your getting drunk till its too late.

    2) second would have to be red bull and vodka, need I explain....

    3) third is Capt morgans spiced rum and 7up/sprite/sierra mist. i dont know why but when you mix it with a lemon lime drink it tases just like a creamsickle!
  7. yay, i want to die early because of liver failure!
  8. oh...and you want weed to prevent cancer to, right?
  9. Mountain Dew and rum is pretty good.
    I like moonshine and grape Kool-Aid too.
    My favorite thing to drink those isnt mixed. I like to do shots of str8 up Jim Beam.. ohh so good

    Keep Tokin
  10. Mixed drinks are for the ladies.
    I'll stick to beer and a 40 of steel reserve.
  11. Meh, I just ran out of E.C. 190 proof :(
    Everclear mixes with ANYTHING!
    For a real treat, saturate a watermelon with the stuff (some fill it up through a little hole and freeze it, some cut the melon up and let it sit in the EC...eat it and get drunk) :D

  12. Yup, thats called Green Dragon. You put mj in hard alcohol, let it sit for long enough, and the THC will go into the liquid.

    Never tried it, will one day.
  13. Im actually saving up some stems to make my own green dragon. Should be good, Ive been savin for some time.
  14. steele reserve is vomit

    what about a car bomb or saki bomb

    gimme a rum and coke jd n coke

    sumpin like that

    fo sugady
  15. its spelled "Hangar 18" isnt it?
  16. The less water in your alcohol when you make green dragon, the better. Don't use vodka; because of its water content, vodka will absorb anything that can go into water, and there's no way to seperate that nasty crap from the good stuff without a still ..and tastes like a swamp smells, so I highly reccommend that you don't use it. Everclear, along with bud leaves, buds, ect that you want to put in there, you can. My only EC right now is infused with salvia and has huge stems sitting in it. :D
  17. Well, when I first got salvia I got an OZ of it for like 15 bucks, and I found out that I could boil it in water and extract the active chemicals. I did that to a decent sized amount and added it to a quarter full 2 liter of coke. If you drink it fast, I'm sure it would hit you faster than drinking it all day and feeling weird...but it was nasty.

    This time, I took some 5x and added it to the EC...it smelled nasty and tasted nasty...as soon as I added the stems, however, it now smells like dank. :D
    I'm going to try 4 shots this evening and see how it performs, seeing as I'm dry it will be more noticible..
    Even if the salvia/stem mix doesn't hit me, I'll still be drunk from the EC :)
  18. Plain old Stella Artois.
  19. This isnt quite on topic, but I like to say these a lot...

    Beer then liquor = throw up quicker!

    Liqour then beer = DAMMIT! I FORGOT!!!!!

    Sorry...I don't really care what I'm drinkin, I drink to get drunk, not to enjoy the drink. Although I hate beer, it tastes horrible (All that I've had anyway) and it takes more to get drunk...hard alcohol doesnt taste great either, but at least you get so fucked up you don't really notice.

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