mixing x and cid.

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  1. well a friend was wondering if mixing rolls and cid is a bad idea. 2 triples and one hit of cid. chill environment, also will be smoking weed.
  2. If you're not experienced with either substance then I'd imagine it could turn out not so pleasant. If, on the contrary, you know what both do and have tried them both, from what I've heard mixing ecstasy and LSD (I believe it's called 'candyflipping') can be quite fun.
  3. As with any hard drugs responsibility is the key. If you know its good stuff, and what you can handle,you will be fine. Taking Ectasy and LSD at the same time is indeed called candyflippin and sometimes pills already come laced with LSD. It is done quite often and results vary from user to user, but typically if you have done both with no issues you will be fine. Just be careful it's your ass.
  4. yeah he has experience. just didnt want any ill effects that dont happen with each individually.
  5. I really doubt this
  6. Mixing acid and ecstasy is a good idea imo. The ecstasy will put you in a perma-good trip.
  7. X doesn't come with heroin in it.
  8. heh, I had White Mitsubishi's that had heroin in them. I didn't find out/figure it out till the next day when i was strung out as fuck.

    but x and cid... TROLLING!!
  9. heroin doesnt leave u strungout the next day from doin it one time, or even from doin it many times

    only uppers leave u strungout

    but yea, there are X pills that have heroin in them, go check ecstasydata.org, u'll find a few
  10. candy flipping.
  11. It's fun as hell, I definitely recommend it.

  12. you figure out how to successfully press heroin to mdma and you come tell me.

    internet ecstasy websites are a joke.
  13. Candy flipping is amazing I reccomend it, not with E pills though with pure molly.
  14. yeah we decided to wait cause one couldnt find any acid, and too the rolls ended up being speed bombs.

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