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Mixing With Tobacco Alternatives(Make Bud Last Longer)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by orak, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    Been a while.
    Firstly to clarify, this is strictly about making bud go further, not about adding other stuff to it for other kind of highs, etc.
    So, I was until around 3 months ago a cigarette smoker, pack a day but one day decided to quit and just enjoy the herb. Difficult part was not quitting but switching from Joints to Bongs.
    I would mix Joints about 50/50 with tobacco constantly just for the fact of making it last longer and since I smoked cigs anyway it didn't matter to me.
    Now it's a few months later and I'm strictly using my HVY glass bong, 100% weed which is great and all but I'm really missing joints and was wondering if there's any cheap herbs/other that can be mixed with bud to make it go further. Not looking to mix for another kind of high or anything, souly for the purpose of mixing for making a joint go further.
    Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I can't smoke cigarettes makes me feel sick and i just don't like it. I've also smoked out of a hookah and I get the same thing, so for me I wouldn't do it.
    Stick to the sticky icky :bongin:
  3. I would look at damiana, its very cheap and was often used as a herbal base for synthetic blends. Some people claim it has minor effects of its own, but if there is any it's next to impossible to tell.

    Also, marshmallow leaf
  4. Damiana is a very comparable high to marijuana.. getting the spins and nausea is much easier to reach with damiana, and the high is short lived.. the taste is a bit sagebrush like but it works.. i smoked it for 2 years while i was kicking meth.. weed is much easier to grow...

    one bud at a time

  5. Ive been mixing with tobacco lately...amazing!

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