Mixing whiskey and rhum.

Discussion in 'General' started by token2004, May 12, 2006.

  1. Dont do it. :wave:
  2. so i says to my buddy i says ill never drink to the point of puking, well guess what i says.
  3. whatever liquor you first drink is keep on gettin that
  4. Well, i puked from it awhile ago now, like a month, but i had a little rhum and i needed to finuish it off here but it was like half a drink so i just decided to have a dreink HALF AND HALF whiskey and rhum, like i pored them toegther with pepsi haha, lets see what happens.
  5. hahaha ya i had a bad experience mixing liqours, to say the least lol
  6. another thing is to never drink anything on top of a White Russian....ughhhhh:(
  7. i got very fucked up by addin vodaka with some orange juice and lil power ade:cool: havent tried rhum..
  8. But, by all means DO mix jose cuervo and orange juice, fucks you up hardcore man. Like I am now...Took me 5 min to type this and edit it I think....heh
  9. Mixing brandy and orange juice.
    Don't do it.
    I don't have fond memories of my first 'drink-til-you-spew' experience. I still can't drink brandy to this day.
  10. been there. remember the puking,
  11. I lovee 151 and OJ. tastes great and gets you smashed:smoking:
  12. Alchohols mixed with juice / pop isn't anything... thats how your supposed to drink it

    im talking mising whiskey and rum half and half (2 ounces total) and then mixing THAT with pepsi. and then multiplying that by 4
  13. so eight shots?? ive done eight shots to pregame for a dinner party.

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