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Mixing weed with shisha

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PurpleMan, May 26, 2010.

  1. This is my first Post! I cant find a clear answer on this topic in any previous threads.

    What is the correct way to mix your herb with your shisha and smoke it out of your hoohah (With the coal)? Sprinkle in, or mix it in? Or any other ways of doing it.

    I'm assuming that because the weed will be mixed in with the moist shisha (therefor getting moist weed as well) that it all will burn properly and evenly giving you a nice high too. Im just thinking that mixing the herb with the shisha will make my weed last longer and increase the joy of smoking shisha.
  2. Just mix it in, stir it around.. Brings back memories I used to smoke that shit all the time. Now looking at it I would never do it. Just preference I guess.
  3. I sprinkle it on top and then kind of tamp it down a bit.

    Love puffin' on some shisha+weed with my family!
  4. welcome. in the future though use the search function, there are tons of threads about this.
  5. Will mixing it together give it a combined harsh taste? I'd hate to waste some good bud. I did search this topic, even googles it! But not any good info.

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