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Mixing Weed with other stuff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OlivePump, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Hey all, most of the people I smoke with like to mix tobacco with their green. Especially when ripping bongs as it gives them an intense head rush before the weed kicks in. However I'm not a fan of tobacco in the slightest (rough smoking, tastes terrible, don't like the buzz, etc)

    I found some stuff on EDIT called Shamantrance and Super Skunk. They're both cheap ($5 for 25 grams) and the reviews were great for use as a mixer. But I'm curious... what else works as a good mixer for weed?

    Sidenote: They call their tobacco/weed bowls "Israelis", "spliffs", and sometimes "jigs"
  2. hash, hash oil, keif. and pcp
  3. ive heard of people use mint leaves to give is a nice minty flavor but i like the weed taste too much

    although ill use green tea in my J's every now and then changes the flavor a bit makes is smoother

    and mellows me out more :smoking:
  4. Dude don't mix, just smoke the weed straight!
  5. I dont really mix anythign with my weed but i do like to smoke a black and mild after i smoke.
  6. I only mix with tobacco if I'm making a Jay:smoke:

    Other than that, I've never mixed with anything.

  7. Lol pcp, very subtle.
  8. shit ive heard of people mixing baccy in a joint (i do sometimes) but never in a bowl.. wtf
  9. i dont mix shit with my weed...ppl like to do it with tobacco but eh jus not my thing i hate the taste of tobbacco with weed.....i only use vanilla dutches if imma use the taste of pure weed too much
  10. I used to hate tobacco, but now I always smoke my bowls with baccy on top! At first it was not appealing to me, but It grew on me quickly. I can also take huge tokes with 70/30 weed/tobacco, so I prefer to mix.

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