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Mixing weed with green tea leaves.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZnOT, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Basically I'm going to buy 1.5 grams and I want to get most of it and make it last at least 1 or two weeks.

    Last time I bought 3 g with a friend and it lasted a month or so, but as he needs to smoke more than me, this time I'm going to tell him that I'll roll my weed and his weed into different joints.

    I usually take 3-5 hits and get a good high (though this weed is not from my dealer so I actually don't know if it's better or worse), anyways, 1 joint only weed could last me 4-5 times smoking (though if I smoke daily I'll develop tolerance).

    I've been almost 2 weeks (this Saturday it's 2 weeks) without smoking, so I think my tolerance is at 0 as I smoke eventually though last time I smoked 3 or 4 days continuosly.

    I don't want to mix it with tobacco and I don't have a pipe or a vaporizer so I need to roll them.

    Now, do you think it would be better to roll them mixing weed and tea, so I can smoke a whole joint each time, without wasting a lot of weed, or do you think I should just try to make 3-4 joints and smoke like a quarter of it and put it out till I smoke again?

    I wonder if by putting the joint out and lighting it again I loose weed.

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  2. Have you ever heard of GreenGo? Where are you from
    There is bunch of herbal mixtures that are made to be similar to tobacco use in joints.
  3. I live in Spain, I haven't heard of it, though I know there are herbs to smoke instead of tobacco like blue Lilly, but I don't know where to find those here.

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  4. Thats disgusting you know tea is meant to be a drink right? Not smoked, dude just make a pipe/bong that way you use less weed, + why are you buying 1.5gs between you and your friend..
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  5. Look it up on internet, im pretty sure that u can buy it online, also.
    Also, since you live on spain, and as much as i know, situation about weed there is okay, you propably have smoke shops as well, that would be the first place to look at.
  6. Not 1.5 between two, 1.5 for me, alone.

    I told the dealer to put them in different bags, he's just getting 1g.

    There's no such thing like tea is meant to be a drink, it is a plant, you can in fact smoke it if you want, just as you can chew tobacco or smoke it, just as you can make edibles out of your weed.

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  7. Yeah but I think they don't sell those here, just something called knaster which I heard tastes pretty bad.

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  8. What lol your getting 1.5 for you alone but your friend is getting a gram that dossnt make sense bruh, and yeah tea isnt meant to be smoked bruh you can set fire to anything and say you can smoke it doesn't mean its meant to be inhaled... Your joint is gonna taste like dirt if you mix it with tea.. Just man up and buy a bong/pipe or if you really have to mix use tobacco or even better just buy a larger ammount of weed then you dont have to mix it with shit..
  9. It works for peppermint tea. Feels like smoking pure freshness. I'm not sure how much of it has been my imagination cause I was tripping balls when I did it. My buddy said it was disgusting but he didn't hit it.
  10. Yeah, anyways, too late, I added the green tea and tried it, I'm high as fuck atm

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  11. Why in the ever lasting Mcfuck do people mix crap into ganja? It won't make your ganja last any longer. Say you take four hits of off some fifty fifty bastardized ganja mix. It's the same as taking two hits of strait ganja. So just hit it less. You're not reinventing the wheel or coming up with some new deal that no one has ever done before.

    Best bet for a new stoner is to get a small one hitter or spoon. Pack enough to get you baked so there is no half burnt bowls stinking up the works. Clean it once a week in isopropyl alcohol so it doesn't stink. You're set. Ne mixing your ganja with wierd shit.
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  12. No. Tea is camellia leaves. Not good for smoking. Kinda poison when burnt.
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  13. Thank you for proving my point. Never mix ganja with crap...
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  14. When I was a kid, we had camellia bushes in our yard. Dad would trim them up and let the trimmings dry out then we would burn them for disposal. I ended up in the hospital once because of inhaling the smoke from burning camellia. A friend was also hospitalized from using a branch off a camellia bush to roast hot dogs at a back yard cookout.
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  15. Dude that's crazy. Glad you guys were all right! So were you sick like the flu or sick unconscious ?
  16. Burning in my lungs, vomiting and coughing up blood. I was about 6 years old.
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  17. Holy shit!!
  18. I mean I've inhaled what is like a joint of tea and I'm perfectly okay, still probably won't mix the next one with tea.

    If I had enough weed I wouldn't mind rolling it all alone (in fact, I do hate mixing it, I love the flavour of weed), but I feel every time I put the joint out I'm wasting some of it.

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  19. Yeah I'm getting 1.5, I would have taken 3g but my dealer is out of stock, he sells it at 5€/g but this weed it got is 8€/g (super expensive lol)

    I'll probably make a just weed joint for tomorrow's party, and with the weed that will be left I'll think if making it into only weed joints or just mix it with tobacco. tobacco.

    I'm not a daily smoker, I don't need lots of weed, I do smoke each week, once in a month... Depends.

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