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Mixing weed and alcohol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ZippyLemon, May 11, 2011.

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    Hi GC. Just wondering if anybody else gets the same thing I do: extreme nausea almost always ending in vomiting when weed and alcohol are imbibed together. The first time I did them both I was drinking vodka and Coke like it was water, so I think alcohol poisoning probably had a hell of a lot to do with my throwing up. I went to another party quite recently, however, and threw up despite only drinking four ciders and some beer and having a few tokes of one joint. Certainly neither drug on its own would have induced such a response in me, so I'm wondering if combined they are many times more potent.

    I would very much appreciate GC's relating of its alcohol/weed experiences, and I do apologise if alcohol comes under the "no discussing other drugs" rule.

    Even knowing that it's not an unheard of phenomenon to not be tolerant to them both in tandem would be nice.
  2. hmm i have a strong stomache so im good
    I usually throw up from only alchol, i dont let it go overboard and im good i just act like a fool
  3. drinking alcohol = filling up with poison, adding cannabis = body wants to purge the lame poison. Throwing up alcohol is winning the game, that shit is horrible for you lol
  4. The only alcohol which goes well with weed for me is beer. I remember smoking 3 joints at a party and drinking spirits too. It was horrible after lol - wasnt sick though

    Welcome from the UK :)
  5. The only real mix i would reccomd is Red win with some nice joints
    P.S: smoking+drinking = Memory loss

  6. Truer words were never spoken.
  7. The only thing I've noticed when I've drank and smoked at the same time is that it makes beer somehow taste even worse than it did before. I know I have a lot to learn but I still think beer tastes like shit.
  8. I can never tell if I'm more high or more drunk when I drink and smoke a lot. I don't know if the two are related but I found that when I smoke either before or after drinking I have little to no hangover the next morning.
  9. I guess I have the same thing. If I smoke alot and drink some I might get it, but if I slow down and get drunk over a few hours instead of 40 minutes it's not as bad, or bad at all.

    Drunk + Blazed = Best feeling in the world

  10. Shitty beer tastes like shit, unfortunately only shitty beers are widely known and cheap lol (not really, but all the "huge" beer companies make fucking shitty beer, thats for sure)
  11. Alcohol in moderation is somewhat good for you. Mixing it with weed will either make you sick, or just really fucked up havin a good time.

  12. everyone views the sickness as negative, when really its the cannabis helping your body rid itself of the poison you pumped it full of haha, its a negative feeling, but its for the good of your body in the end of it
  13. Where are you getting this "cannabis cleans your system out" thing from? Is there a biological theory behind it?
  14. I mix both every weekend at whatever party, it is the best mix ever. I always toke up in the middle of drinking and get back to it after, just great overall times and you wake up with little to no hangover.
  15. grass before beer you're in the clear, beer before grass and you're on your arse...

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    One of the main properties of cannabis is that its anti-nausea, and a property of alcohol is that its a suppressant stimulant (meaning it can reduce the ability of the use of the gag reflex) the reason alcohol poisoning is so common is because it makes you less able to puke, the more you drink, which is a bad mix in the end... Meaning, combined, one would reduce your ability to gag, which causes puking, and one would be anti-nausea meaning you would feel like you do NOT need to puke

    Then you take alcohol, which will sit in your stomach for a long long time, drink a little too much and feel fine, add a non-toxic plant, and BAM you are purging yourself of the toxins in the stomach... not saying it will make you less drunk, no, and it wont remove alcohol from your blood stream, no, but it will remove the excess alcohol still absorbing into your system so you wont reach a higher level.

    Ive read on it before, and now i cant really find anything on it lol, but I will say this is of my own conclusion until i can find some more info. Also, im not saying its necessarily the cannabis that does it, but i will say the cannabis allows your body to understand it needs to purge the toxins, which it does. I mean, the natural reaction to toxins in the stomach would be puking anyway..... cannabis has all sorts of beneficial effects on the stomach, so i dont see how this could be all that farfetched haha

  17. Did you just make that up or is that a bona fide mantra that I should stick to? Because now that I think about it I was drunk before smoking on all occasions.
  18. haha i saw it on the internet, i was reading through some mad stories about mixing weed and alcohol, and most of the people said if you smoke before you drink you should be alright but if you smoke it while you're drunk then it fucks you up a lot more :confused: i dunno if it's true but i'd imagine it is

  19. haha i think its a play on beer before liquor, never been sicker, liquor before beer, in the clear. There is a lot of truth in that statement hehe

  20. Huh, I had no idea about it's nausea amelioration effects. Hmmm. So next time I think I'm going to puke I should light up a fatty? Fine by me.

    Doesn't really explain why smoking weed and drinking alcohol together yet both in moderation makes me feel sick in a way that neither drug could accomplish on its own even in far more copious amounts, though.

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