Mixing weed 2 make it stronger...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cyberthug, Apr 26, 2003.


Wat can i mix my week 2 make it stronger?

  1. Chemicals

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  2. or something else

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  1. Is there any chemical i can mix my cannabis to make it stronger, i have heard that people mix wit different sprays but i would like a sure answer on it and how much stronger it would make it...
  2. Unless you want to lose friends/customer's.. I wouldnt try to do anything....

    although I have gotten it with coke and pcp.... Never again did I go to that guy, oh yah and a tiny pinner laced with speed, again without my knowledge, my punishment for hanging out with criminals I guess.. It was a great buzz, i recommend people try acid once and shrooms once, the rest do not touch.....
  3. don't do that, seriously, herb is all I needs to get lifted :D

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