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    So my grow box is set up, i went out to the store picked up some Garden lime, Bone meal found some Blood meal in my garage. Got promix perlite vermiculite and shpagnum moss for soil. My questions are, can i use this epsom salt in my soil mixure? it says its for relief of constipation and soakings for minor sprains and bruises; i wasnt sure if it is the same kind of epsom salts used for growing.

    also does anyone recommend a nice soil mix for the ingredients that i have? I know vics soil mix but i dont have kelp or any of that stuff ill probably use soil liquid ferts.

    so what parts of each should itd be? for soil and the bone meal blood meal, lime, and salt (if i can use it)


  2. Yes, it is the same stuff. I would add a teaspoon to a gallon of compost - a little goes a long way. It provides magnesium, a vital trace element missing from many proprietary mixes. See my link on Mg deficiency.

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