Mixing Soil Brands?

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  1. Ive purchased two 20L bags of biobizz for £15 each, which to me was a big investment, but its still not going to be enoughg for the 5 plants i have, would mixing it with some cheap peat-free tomato soil from my local shop be a good idea to make it stretch or would that just make the high quality biobizz soil pointless?

    Btw Biobizz is the UK equivilant of Foxfarms
  2. its fine to mix
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    why use peat-free soil? if anything i would make sure it had peat/coir in it.
  4. Well ive got Some really good soil but only 20L of it which has two types of peat, perlite and a perfect ph of 6.3, but ive got 5 plants, so should i use all the good soil on one plant and make that my pride and joy or should i mix both the cheap soil and good soil together and use it for all?

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