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  1. well im really bored lately and am interested in looking at some mixing software/dj software. which ones do you guys use and are the popular. im looking to just screw around with beats/remixing some things atm

  2. FL 11
    Garage Band
  3. Virtual DJ was fun for throwing tracks into, looks like two record decks.
  4. The new deckadance (which iirc comes with FL studio) blows VDJ out of the water.
    If you're familiar with gross beat, its pretty much integrated into it, along with some other pretty neat features:
  5. I made some with virtual dj..just mixing acapellas with instrumentals
    I use FL now  :)  
    Used to have fun mashing stuff up with VDJ though back in the day  :bongin:
  7. If your looking to just mix songs traktor pro is the way to go!
  8. daws are confusing as fuck and id suggest doing some research into the programs before you bother downloading and tinkering with the bajillion different settings. 
  9. Traktor is the industry standard for mixing, there is serato and ableton also do these well, ableton is also a DAW though so t=it's a bit more in depth.
    For a biggner, just get a ripped version of traktor and you can start with your music library and your keyboard and mouse.

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