Mixing Pain Killers

Discussion in 'General' started by sysdownfall, May 6, 2006.

  1. Alright, Im fairly experienced with pain killers. Ive just never mixed them before and was wondering if anyone had any concerns about it.

    I have 6 5/500mg hydrocodones and 2 30/300mg T3's and I was planning on just splitting it evenly between me and one friend. There wouldnt be any problems with mixing them would there?

    Also, how much would I be safe to drink while on this? In terms of shots of 99 proof liqour.
  2. mixing them is fine, just fine. mixing different pills is funnnnn

    as for drinking, i think that really depends greatly on your own personal tolerances of both pills and alcohol. i have had friends puke violently after 20mg and ONE shot of whiskey, but i have also had friends take 15mg and drink two forties, and say it was a great time.

    all i can reccomend is take it slowly.
  3. dude only one drink of alcohol man. the pills are gonna kick in anyway...trust me dude pill sickness is the WORST. its like a tiny man is trampolining on the lining of your stomach. its fucking horrible. it doesnt stop until you flush it out either...the catch though is that you cant keep water down...so how can you flush it out? just dont drink much.

    since when did they put an internet connection in a pill?

    Edit: ohhh that tylenol 3 with codiene im guessing.

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